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Sunday, March 1, 2020

What What?!?! A Blog Post!!!

Hello anybody who might still be checking here!

Well, the blog went dormant for a long long time! Last year was a crazy year for me - lots and lots of  life changes, traveling and lots and lots of events and releases. However, there were scant new figures. Gyango and the Undeadicorn both saw their first releases over a year ago, and the rest of the year was primarily full of oodles of MICROS! Ha!

Well, this year will be a little different, hopefully!

Currently OneUp Toy in Tokyo is making the mold for a Unicorn wrestler figure that will become part of the OneUp x Art Junkie Wrestler Line of figures. This guy should be around fight-ish size, and will be primaily mask/factory painted. Both OneUp and I will do releases (separately). I'm excited for this figure, and hope to see a sample soon!  Here's some pics of the wax prototype (along with one of the bodies it will be on):


NEXT UP - just today I demolded the sculpts for THREE new Skullheadbutt heads!  This batch will feature two new head sculpts by myself (BAT-X and DimensionX-X) as well as one new sculpt by SPLURRT!

I'm aiming to have these wax protos done this coming week, so keep an eye on Instagram for updates, as I do quite a bit of the final sculpting/cleaning-up of the designs in the actual wax phase.

Lastly, I'm working on some micro Ultra Kaiju fun, which, owing to the whole license thing, I cannot yet show images of.  Wax is in the works for these guys - I'll just say they ride in little cars - hopefully!

Well, that just about scratches the old blogging itch, so I'll log off again.  Until the next time in the indeterminate future of the RT Blog!


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