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Sunday, September 7, 2014



First off, an apology to all of you who are on the RAMPAGE mailing list, and who have not received a mailer in AGES... I encountered an issue with updates and such, and became really busy at the same time.  I'll work on sorting that out and also on getting you guys something fun and exclusive on offer!

OK - down to current events business!  This Fall is going to be CRAZY!  It will start with SUPERFESTIVAL 66 - where I will be sharing a booth with my good friend Brian, The GALAXY PEOPLE.  Not yet sure of the booth number, but here's the link to the webpage (japan site):

I'll be bringing NEW TOYS to SUPERFESTIVAL!  This will see the reveal of the brand new RAMPAGE TOYS line - the Kaibutsuya ('Giant Monster Animal Shop')!  I shoud be getting the test shots of this thing soon (maybe today!), so keep your eyes peeled for pictures.  I will also be bringing a smattering of other fun stuff - new micros (painted versions by me as well as BLOBPUS!), new UU's, a few customs and maybe one or two other new toys!

Soon after SUFES is over, I'll be hopping on yet another airplane for a tip over to the East Coast - for NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!  My Buddy Benny, of Tenacious Toys Fame, was kind enough to organize a space for me and TRU:TEK in the Tenacious Collective Booth - Booth #208.  This will be a HUGE chunk of "The Block" - featuring toy makers and such from various walks of the scene.  Here's the (current) full run down, on the Tenacious Toys website:

And here's the promo postcard.  Fun Comic-cover-style on this!

I will be bringing a lot of stuff over for NYCC - here's the best list to date:

Rampage Toys:Rampage Toys OG stuff:
  • Ugly Unicorn - New color, blank and painted, of the Ugly Unicorn sofubi.
  • Cyclops Dinos - New color, blank and painted, of the Cyclops Dino sofubi.
  • Gachapon Goblins - New color, blank and painted, of the sofubi Micro series 'The Gachapon Goblins.' Series includes designs by RAMPAGE TOYS, Art Junkie, Joseph Harmon and Walter Parenton (IV).
  • RAMPAGE x Justin Hillgrove Manotaur - New color, blank and painted, of the MANOTAUR sofubi. Figure was designed and sculpted by Justin Hillgrove ( and is produced and painted by RAMPAGE TOYS.
  • RAMPAGE x SPLURRT Labmice - New color, blank and painted, of this Collaborative sofubi project by RAMPAGE TOYS and SPLURRT. These creepy-cute little guys were designed and sculpted by NYC local, SPLURRT - Joe Merrill - and were produced in Japanese sofubi by RAMPAGE TOYS. Paint by RAMPAGE TOYS.
Rampage Collaborations (release times to be announced on RAMPAGE blog):

  • NEW TOY! RAMPAGE TOYS x Skullheadbutt "Salary Ugly Unicorn" - New original head sculpt (by RAMPAGE TOYS) for the Skullheadbutt "They Live" Body! Head produced by RAMPAGE TOYS. Body Produced by Marmit.
  • NEW TOY! RAMPAGE x SHB x Triclops "Mutant Killer Tomato" - New original head sculpt (by The Amazing Zectron) for the Skullheadbutt "Mutant" body! Head produced by RAMPAGE TOYS. Body produced by Marmit.
  • NEW TOY! RAMPAGE x SHB x Plaseebo "Mutant Gnaw" - New original head sculpt (by Plaseebo) for the Skullheadbutt "Mutant" body! Head produced by RAMPAGE TOYS. Body produced by Marmit.
  • RAMPAGE TOYS x Cojica Toys - RAMPAGE paint Tyranbo release - Flesh vinyl base Tyranbo, by Cojica Toys. Painted by RAMPAGE TOYS. Limited edition of 10. Release time TBD.
  • RAMPAGE TOYS x Konatsuya - RAMPAGE paint Negora - Creamy Yellow base vinyl Negora sofubi. Painted by RAMPAGE TOYS. Limited edition. Release time TBD.
  • RAMPAGE TOYS x Yamomark - RAMPAGE paint Cosmegira - Pearly Grey base vinyl COSMEGIRA sofubi. Painted by RAMPAGE TOYS. Limited edition. Release on preview night (Thursday).
  • RAMPAGE x Sofubi Leo - BLIND BAG Guzo Kaiju LOTTERY - Assorted base vinyl colors. Paint by both RAMPAGE TOYS and Sofubi Leo! Sold as BLIND BAGS via lottery on Friday and/or Saturday (TBD).
  • RAMPAGE TOYS x Cosmo Knight Alpha - SECRET RELEASE! - One Offs by RAMPAGE TOYS! What will it be!?!?!?!?!?
  • RAMPAGE TOYS Custom Paint One-off selection - Assorted Zoomoth, Paul Kaiju, Plaseebo and others' figures - painted by RAMPAGE TOYS (release times will be announced on the RAMPAGE blog).
SPLURRT will also be making an appearance at the space - dropping some of his figures, and (at the same time) I will be releasing a RAMPAGE version Cadaver Kid (full run) and some Lab Mice customs (including mash ups using Bodies from The GALAXY PEOPLE).

That's all for now.  Keep an eye here and on Instagram (especially) for updates and photos and such!