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Thursday, December 7, 2017



Still waiting on the box with these test shots in it (can't come soon enough - kinda like Christmas!), but I got a few crummy pictures to hold me over at least!

Hopefully more to report soon.  Cannot wait to sling some paint on a couple of these dudes!

Oh - right - one thing...  For those of you who were bummed about the initial pre-order being unavailable for people outside of Asia, I will be getting a small batch of AP figures in that first color.  I will be signing the headers and puting together a little package with extras to go along with those AP's.  Maybe...February?  I'll update on yonder Instagram of course.

Thanks for checking in!


p.s. Below are some pics of recently released RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU!  There are still 3 WOO available in the webshop, but the Red Kings and Pigumon went fast.  Thank you everyone for the support recently!  Always appreciated!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RAMPAGE DCON BOOTH (#1011) - price list

Hey Folks!

We're just a few days away from DCON!  Woohoo!

SO, this year, as in years past, things will work as follows:

-Sales start at opening time
-First Come First Served
-Large figures may be limited depending on the turn-out.  Generally speaking, if there is a line, I'll limit things to a couple big figures and 1 of each small figure
-Cash is preferred.  If you don't have cash, Paypal may be used.  If there is a line, you might have to wait to make purchases with Paypal.
-There might be Some things held back for Sunday, but I'm not sure
-General cool-ness and non-jerk behaviour goes a long way.  Thanks!

So, here's an approximate list of things that will be on offer and the prices and stuff:

-1st release GREM-X (RT x SHB - bagged with header and retro wax-pack cards): $150 each
-1st release PENETRATOR-X (RT x Dethchops x SHB): $120 each
-1st release CYCLOPS-X (RT x Plaseebo x SHB): $120 each
-FINAL release of ROTTEN X - on SHB Zombie Body (RT x Triclops x SHB): $150 each
-GRINNING SKELE-HAG (RT x SHB - Bagged with header and Henan Omake): $150 each
-Other SHB collab figures - small batch and one-offs - $150~$200 each
-"Blue Bear-y" KESAGAKE (tiny micro run): $200 each
-RAMPAGE paint Chokehazrd Toxic Cyclops Micro Run: $120 each
-Assorted painted micros (RAMPAGE and mash ups, unicorns, D&D, etc.): $10~20 each
-Assorted Painted Cyclops Dinos (Still in progress - price TBD)
-Assorted RAMPAGE x GRAVY TOYS mixed parts figures (Still in progress - TBD)
-Assorted blank figures (all TBD - we'll see what fits in my bag)
-$5 blank micro bin for you kids to dig through
-Stickers ($1~5 each)
-Other stuff I'm sure I've forgotten

That should be about it. 

Oh - if you are interested in having me paint something on commission, please feel free to chat about it at the event. 

See you all at the show!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017



It's official!  I made the big time!

Well, some might say that and some might not.  But. no matter, I'm super excited to finally sit down and write this post about what I see as a pretty big deal, and a serious accomplishment for me as a toy maker.


Actually, Godzilla has already been unleashed.  Countless versions of this ultra famous Japanese movie monster have been around in every form possible - since way way back when Godzilla was birthed on-screen in 1954.  The Japanese (and non-Japanese) soft vinyl takes on this character have ranged from smooth to rough - from cute to scary - from man-in-suit to straight up serious 'lizard gon' whoop yo ass' realistic.  So, when the initial licensing OK for the RAMPAGE version of the OG 1954 Goji came through (MASSIVE thanks to Medicom Toys' Akashi-san for making this happen), what was I asked to do? -  I was tasked with doing something 'different.'

Somebody over at TOHO had seen my Ultra Kaiju work (RT x Marmit production - still in progress!) and my Kaibutsuya dudes (Kesagake, Two Toed Tom, etc.) and thought I would have no trouble  veering from the myriad of other Godzillas that have been made since forever-dom, and coming up with something unique to me.

Thus I set to work sculpting in paper clay, with a vague idea of what I would do, and the only REAL guidelines being:

-Different (WTF...)
-Standard Size (10-ish inches)

What materialized was the basic shape of a vaguely 'SD' (Super Deforme) Godzilla (above) - with a stretched out neck, chubby thunder thighs and little T-rex arms.  Apparently this initial rough crap sculpt was enough to keep the interest of TOHO, and I was granted permission to proceed to WAX.

Now, I have poured a ton of silicone, and I have ALWAYS hated doing so.  With that in mind, I got my buddy Josh Kimberg (Clutter, Dethchops - that guy) to make my silicone molds for me.  This isn't so much a vital piece of information - just a shout out to an awesome friend who saved me from the accursed silicone disaster that I had become so used to dealing with.

Anyway... Molds made - Wax time...

In the wax I went nuts with the scratching and melting and general fixing of the initial shape.  The body took on a proper Godzilla-skin-texture feel, the spines were shaped to be pulled (hopefully) in sofubi, the toes and fingers were made to look more like, yep, toes and fingers, and the finer details in the face (around the eyes and snout) were put into place.  With the changes made, I sent off photos for approval, and was excited to get a proposed release and sales schedule in response!  Yay!  But also, not yay, because the whole thing meant that I would never have a proper jointed sofubi figure in hand to paint and play with before the world was to see my creation.  THAT meant that I would have to provide a paint master using... the crap-sculpt clay prototype...  Well, I tried to dress up the old...(how does the saying go?), and thus we got the image that everyone has been seeing to date:

Well, no sense stressing - even THIS picture kept the TOHO people excited, and everything - Wax and Painted 'clay prototype' - hopped in a bubble-wrapper filled cardboard box and headed off to Japan!

Up next, I had to put some thought into the packaging.  Didn't take my turning on the thinking cap for too long before it struck me that one person in particular would be perfect for the fun and awesome header art I had in mind - BWANA SPOONS!  And, in keeping with the 'things seem to be panning out ok' theme, Bwana accepted and delivered!  Here's an early photo of his art for the GOJI header:


I was recently in Tokyo and was able to meet with Medicom and the workshop that is handling production.  Once again, things went smoothly (aside from a couple days when it was unsure who had the wax prototype - they found it - yes!).  And now we are at the joints and molding stage of the process.  This point is of critical importance.  Nobody wants a cool looking toy that stands all funky - or, even worse, doesn't stand (NOOOOO!!!!).  No worries though - things are in Capable hands.

The tapered joints will really pull the whole figure together.  Seeing these photos from the mold maker make the whole project 100% real.  Psyched!

OK, so now the figure is available for pre-order via MEDICOM TOY's assorted webshop outlets, with an expected delivery date of Late January.  This intitial release was timed (or rather constricted by timing) based on a late fall cut-off for international sales of the MEDICOM GODZILLA WARS series.  In other words - this squeezed in just in time to allow for an intial international (read: outside Japan) OPEN PRE-ORDER for this figure.  Which leads me to this:


Please please please do yourself a favor if you are hoping to buy one of these figures and don't give extra money to skeezy dirtbag re-sellers or buyers.  You can get this toy AT RETAIL (as many as you want I believe), so please do.

Those interested can look HERE for info on snagging this dude.  The open order window lasts though 10/31 (the end off this month), so you can consider the purchase in quiet without F5-ing the damned site or any of that tom-foolery.

So, what's next in RAMPAGE world?  The saga continues!  Stay Tuned!

A final note:  This project is being produced in Japan.  The mold, the paint masks and the vinyl figures will be made by Japanese artisans.  The releases will be painted in Japan by Japanese painters.  This is important.  This is what makes so many awesome toys what they are.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This Thursday (8/3/2017) will be your chance to join the RAMPAGE TOYS Ugly Club! There will be 2 different New Member Packets available in the RT webshop at 10AM (EST) on that day.  Packets will include one of the two pictured (above) sets of figures, a Tshirt (featuring designs by Joseph Harmon and Johann Ulrich) and some other goodies (still TBD).  The packet will run $80 and $70 (plus shipping).  Shipment of new member Packets will happen by the end of August.

All members are added to the Ugly Club mailing list.  The list is regularly offered a shot at club-only exclusive releases, and are sometimes offered dibs on items remaining after shows/events.  Club releases usually happen every other month.

The Ugly Club (UC) is generally the place to get things that are related to the Ugly Unicorn character, and some of the other goofier dudes in the RAMPAGE line-up.  However, I have done releases of all sorts of figures (creepy and monstrous included) at times.

Thursday will also see the release of a few blank sofubi figures in the shop, so please have a peek (link via button below) at 10AM this Thursday to see what pops up.

Friday, July 14, 2017

SUMMER SLIME at GUNZO - July 22nd!


Next Saturday (7/22/2017) has shaped up to the first ever INTERNATIONAL RAMPAGE DAY!  The day will be filled with events around the world where you can get your mitts on some new RAMPAGE goodies!  Basically, the lack of on-line releases of late is a result of preparation for all of these events.  Online drops will resume later this Summer and into the Fall!

Anywho, this post is about SUMMER SLIME in Sandiego!

Here's the basic event info (copied from Paul Kaiju's Blog - in order to be 100% accurate):

Summer Slime

Join us after the Convention floor closes for SDCC Exclusive editions and mystery surprises. Refreshments will be served.
Saturday, July 22, 2017, hosted at the original Gunnzo location*.  2445 Juan St, San Diego CA 92110

Free tickets to enter the drawing to purchase figures will be distributed starting at 6:00pm
Ticket numbers called via random drawing at 7:30pm.

And here's OG RAMPAGE info about what I'll have (mostly), and stuff like that:

Sold by Raffle Sale:
-Kazumitsu Akamatsu (Marmit) Handpaint micro edition of Kesagake:  $250 each
-Selection of 1-off marbled Kesagake and Revenge Kesagake with 2 figure omake snack pack: $300 each
-Rotten X micro edition : $200 each
-Selection of 1-off RAMPAGE handpaint figures:  Prices TBD

Sold on first come first served basis:
-Grinning Hagball: $40 each
-GID Space Don (Gravy x RT Paleo Don with Jeff Body) Micro Edition: $60 each
-Summer Slime Woo (RAMPAGE Ultra Kaiju Series): $50 each
-Summer  Slime Pigumon (RAMPAGE Ultra Kaiju Series): $50 each
-Assorted RAMPAGE and RAMPAGE x Gravy mini and micro Sofubi (A LOT of different things – unicorns, Dungeons & Dungeons, Tanks, RT x Grumble Toy, etc.):  $10-$20 each
-Assorted other stuff - TBD

Cash is preferred, but I will also be accepting Paypal via mobile payment.  I don’t have a card reader, so if you don’t bring cash please come with your smartphone.  Assuming service should be fine in San Diego!

Hope to see a bunch of you peoples out there!  I'm excited to be involved this year, and cannot wait to chow down on some tacos and hit the beach!


Monday, July 10, 2017

RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA "Tiger Daiho Negora" Lottery to Purchase

Hey Hey!

Lots of event stuff coming up, but figured it was due time that I get these Tiger fellahs out there, as I've had the vinyl on hand for way to long!

So, here's the announcement for the Lottery to Purchase the RT Painted RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA Tiger Daiho Negora:

Price: $250 (PLUS applicable shipping rate - calculated prior to invoicing)

Lottery Entry Starts: NOW

Lottery Entry Ends: Thursday AM (EST)

Winners Announced: Thursday (payment due within 12 hours after I send out winning notifications - ONLY winners will be emailed)



Send an email to:

Email Subject MUST BE:  Tiger Daiho Negora Lottery Entry

Email Body must include:  Your Name, Your CORRECT shipping address, Your phone number

I will email winners with a total owed, including shipping, and the Paypal email to which funds will need to be sent.

Good luck to all who enter!


p.s. Summer Slime RAMPAGE offerings and prices will be posted here by the end of this week.  Hope to see a bunch of you out there!

Monday, April 24, 2017

RT paint Oltretomba Release! Lottery now open

Hey People!

Here's info on a project that is a bit out of the box - a big gnarly toy that is not Japanese vinyl for which am offering a RAMPAGE painted version.  Introducing, the RAMPAGE OLTRETOMBA:

This figure measures roughly 12 inches tall, articulates at the head, legs and arms and was cast in yellow vinyl.  Paint is bright neon an metallic sprays with a fair amount of brushwork and a sparkly jewel eye.

These are now available for purchase by lottery drawing.  They are $250 each, plus shipping ($15 within the United States, and $50 elsewhere).  To enter the lottery, please send an email to  with the subject line "Oltretomba Lottery."  Please include the following in the body of your email:

-Telephone Number

Winners will be notified this week, and payment is required within 24 hours of the winning notice.

Thank Peoples!


Monday, April 3, 2017

The Return of RAMPAGE at Clutter Gallery!

Hey Hey!

Well, it's been since last Fall that I've been an officially repatriated United Stateser.  It had to happen eventually:  A full blown RAMPAGE SOFUBI event!

The gracious hosts of this event: the most righteous CLUTTER GALLERY in Beacon, NY!

The Event has been dubbed "The Return of RAMPAGE" - with a nod to the Ultraman series with a similar name; "The Return of Ultraman."  The event poster is also a goofy take on the standard Return of Ultraman splash screen:

Basically, I'm back in 'merica, and ready to dive headlong into working and living here, and this show is my first foray into this effort.  I have put together a large (I think) body of new and old figures (some that will ONLY ever be released at this event and some that have not been released in years!), including a slew of 1-offs and a large selection of micro editions of figures big and small, cute and ugly, simple and detailed.

All figures in the show will be from the ranks of RAMPAGE production, and there will primarily be figures from my own mind in attendance, but there will also be a number of figures that represent collaborative efforts between myself and some of the greats, including:

GRAVY Toys (Bwana!)
Grumble Toy

There will also be a couple new T-shirts available, which I'm super psyched about.  Johan Ulrich (Deathcat Toys) and Joseph Harmon both did AMAZING illustrations that will be featured on the shirts, and Clutter's own Miranda created and awesome RAMPAGE Japanese text logo that will be on the shirt with Johan's design.  Yay!

The goal of this outing isn't to feed the online audience with a 'web drop' that could just as easily happen in my own webshop.  Though items not sold at the opening will  indeed make their way into the Clutter Gallery webshop, opening night sales will be available to attendees only.  This means that if you are a resident of the Northeast, or if you just know you want a certain figure in the show, that you'll have to come out and be (at least a bit) social, and, for cryin' out loud, say "hi"!!!

Sales method will be very similar to the way I ran my events in Tokyo - first come first served - sale by tickets - ticket number will represent the order in which attendees arrive.  So, if you'd like a good number, you'll want to get there early.  

Some things to note:
-Tickets will be handed out at a TBD time prior to the 6 O'clock opening time.
-Sale will begin sometime around/between 6:15 and 7:00 PM.  If it seems like people are hanging about and everyone is ready to start, then we will start.  We won't wait an undue amount of time to let people do thier shoppin.
-Sales start at #1 and go sequentially (1,2,3,4,5...etc.) from there
-Each person may choose up to 2 large figures and up to 1 each of figures from release runs or micros.  I'll be there to diffuse any confusion.
-Each person MAY ONLY BUY 1 RAMPAGE x MVH DX-based 1-off at the time their number is called.  These figures will represent the only time that this particular figure is planned to appear, and I do not want 1 or 2 people taking them all home.  
-Once all people with numbers have had a chance to select their purchases, sales will be open until closing time for purchase of any and all remaining items by any person in attendance.
-Packaged and 'ready to go' figures that are part of a larger release run will be available to take home on the night of the show.  Figures from smaller sized micro-runs, one-offs and some other things may not be available for immediate home-taking (that's a word-thing, right?)
-Online sale will commence in the day or 2 after the opening night.  These will be unlimited sales to whomever takes part.

So, here's looking forward to a fun night, a load of tasty Lagunita's brews and plenty of toy banter THIS COMING SATURDAY, 4/8 - at THE RETURN OF RAMPAGE!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS - webshop re-opens FRIDAY 3/3 at 10AM EST

Hey Kids!

New items will be in the webshop this Friday at 10 AM EST!

Items will include new releases (new colors) of the RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU series, an assortment of secret/random goodies AND the DEBUT of DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS.  Here's some info about this fun newness:

The new Fantasy Gaming phenomena is here!  DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS!!!

Rebuking any preconceptions you may have had about good game design and components development!  All bets are off!

I don't even know the rules!

In the works for a while now - in collaboration with Italian Mega Nerd W.H.L.T (@w.h.l.t. on the instagrams) and Walter Parenton (IV - @goodboygraphics on the instagrams)

This starter set includes:

-7 Mini Japanese Sofubi Figures (Good, bad and indifferent characters included) - assorted vinyl colors (black, milky, gold and flesh - as pictured)
-Starter rules sheet (seriously - I have no clue how this thing works.  I haven't seen the rules yet)
-Some character stats (others to follow in forthcoming releases - we just don't have so much time on our hands - W.H,L.T, is a lawyer for chri'sake!)
-Basic 'gameboard'/'map' (to be expanded in future releases)
-Header and insert art by Walter

Get yer bootleg gamin fix, and if you stick with it - who knows! - maybe it will get good in a couple years!

Plans to incorporate all future RAMPAGE figure releases into the game dynamic are being hashed out daily.  Patience, young Padewans.

Some important info:
-figures are all apprx. 1~3inches tall (3~8cm) - all 2 parts
-figures are all unpainted.  Vinyl color may become a factor in figure stats.  Painted figures will always be superior - so paint away!
-Please allow a couple weeks for your order to be filled.  Printing and assembly are currently in progress
-Any similarity to any other game (name or otherwise) is a matter of artistic license.  Clearly those other things are superior in many ways - but inferior in others!  Sofubi game components FTW!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Lottery Time!

Hey People - hope you are all alive and well!

This email is to inform you all that you can now, if you wish, enter the lottery to purchase the first release of the new RAMPAGE Kaibutsuya Two Toed Tom sofubi figure!

Tom measures around 10 inches tall, he articulates at the head, arms and waist, and each figure includes one 2 inch omake 'snack' figure that sits well nestled among Tom's teeth.

This first color is painted on dark green vinyl with silver, gold and red sprays, and sharp brush painted details.

These SOFUBI figures are MADE IN JAPAN and painted in New York by me, RAMPAGE.

PRICE is $220 plus USPS Priority shipping.  Domestic Shipping is will be $12.  Shipping to Canada or Mexico will be $35.  Shipping to all other countries will be $50.

Shipping for these items is planned for late March.  

To enter, please send an email to

Email subject must be:  TWO TOED TOM ENTRY

Email body must include the following: Full Name, Mailing Address (in English), Phone number

Winners will be notified on Monday (2/27), after which I request payment to be completed within 24 hours.

Thanks Folks!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017



Bags will be offered to the RAMPAGE Mailing List Folks on Wednesday, 1/4/2017, in the AM.  Any bags remaining will be offered via the webshop on Saturday, 1/7/2017, in the AM (All EST Day and Times).

Here's the info!

MICRO LUCKY BAGS: $40 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These bags contain 3 fully painted mini and micro figures: 1 Robo Unicorn, 1 Tank Riding Unicorn and 1 Shaggy or My Little Unicorn.  Bags will also contain other goodies.

STANDARD 2017 RAMPAGE LUCKY BAGS: $275 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These Bags contain the full gambit of RAMPAGE Sofubi Goodnes (aside from the stuff featured in the Ugly Club bags).  Each bag contains 9 or 10 figures - including 1 Full Size (SHB Collab) figure and ranging down to Micro Size and Snack Pack figures.  The vast majority of these figures will be painted - including 1-offs, test shots, micro runs and collaborative releases (including some figures from TRU:TEK, Violence Toy, GRAVY TOYS (xRAMPAGE) and Science Patrols).  Extra goodies (and sometime extra figures) will be thrown in for sure!

PREMIUM 2017 RAMPAGE LUCKY BAGS: $500 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These Bags will contain all of the stuff (9-10 figures) that the STANDARD Bags contain, but will also include a Painted Lucky Bag Exclusive REVENGE BEAR - on GID Base Vinyl.  This figure will come with a painted Henan Omake.

So, that's the 2017 offerings!  Hopefully something for everyone this time around. 

Some things to note:

-One micro bag and one standard OR premium bag per person is the rule

-Bags will be made to order - completion and shipping by the end of January

-Some bags will contain new figures - some will feature the new GRINNING HAG X.