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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RAMPAGE TOYS at DesignerCON 2018 - in Anaheim, CA!

Hey Hey!

So, I'm all packed up and soon to hop on a flight bound for Sunny California! 

First of all, gotta say it - I hope any and all of my people out there are safe and well.  This whole wild fire thing is crazy, and terrifying, and it's even a little bit intimidating to be flying out that way with all that's going on.  Please stay safe people.  (Being Alive) > (Toys and Stuff) !!!!

So, with that said, it's time to get to the Nitty Gritty of what I'll have with me at DCON.

Preview Night (this Friday, 11/162018, from 5-9PM) at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934):

I will have some but not nearly all of my items available for purchase on Preview Night.  Those of you who are in the Ugly Club who come and see me on Preview night will have early access to all of my items.  Please come by the Clutter Magazine booth, where I will be set up with Preview Night goods.

Saturday (11/17), Morning Sales at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934).  I will be set up for the morning (until noon or so) with the following items:

-Grem X - release run on bubblegum pink Vinyl with Doll Eyes - $140 each (comes header carded with Wax Pack card pack)

-1-Off Penetrator X -  3 of these RT x American Gross x Skullheadbutt figures - each unique - $200 each

-Assorted Painted OG Ugly Unicorns - $30 each

-RT x Konatsuya Ugly Onicorn - release run on clear orange with Glitter vinyl - $40 each

-Snack Packs - Painted Clear Purple with glitter vinyl - $40/set of 2 figures

-Hulk Henan - $20

-Micro Pigumon - he's SUPER TINY - painted GID vinyl - $10 each

-Mecha-TOFU - release run of Robo-TOFU  (RT x Devil Robots) on grey vinyl with Mecha Goji Colors - $25 each

-A LOT OF ASSORTED PAINTED and UNPAINTED MICROS!  These will include:  Micro Ugly Unicorns (Naoya Ikeda Sculpt), Shaggy Little Unicorns, Random mash-up weirdos (worm babies, Doggycorns, Hop Horsies, etc) amongst others.  $10-$15 per painted figure

-VAG Kesagake Armored Division!  Remark paints on VAG Kesagake riding rampage micro TANK sofubi.  Assorted colors (some available on preview night) - $20 each


Saturday (11/17),  Afternoon 1 hour session at the SPLURRT Booth (#247).  I will be at Joe's booth for the hour or so following his lottery sales session.  During that time, I will have:

-Blank Black Uglier Unicorns - $25 each

-TO Paint Ugliers - Black base vinyl with silver and red paint apps - $30 each

-Perhaps some other goodies (Goji anyone?)

ALSO - I will have stuff at the BLITZKRIEG TOYS booth - Booth #2729!  Actually the booth is going to be big old pile of awesome people with Awesome stuff, and I'm simplifying it by calling it the Blitzkrieg Toys' booth, but, well, the stuff I have there is a collaboration between myself and Blitzkrieg Toys, and so that's what I'm calling it!

At the booth, on the release schedule determined by Brandon (Blitzkrieg Toys):

ASSORTED PAINTED DOOMKOPF-X!  These'll be priced at $120-$150 each, and will come in 3 or 4 (or more) variant versions.  The figure features the Skullheadbutt Zombie X body and the head from the Doomkopf sofubi.  Radness!

I don't have a schedule for when I'll be at booth 2729, but I just might set up there at times and will share to instagram if I do.

Sunday (11/18), Morning Sales at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934).  I will be set up for the morning (until noon or so) with any items I have remaining after Friday and Saturday sales.  Sunday is OPEN AVAILABILITY on all items I'm selling - as many as you want.

SOME GENERAL GUIDELINES for a fun time buying RAMPAGE stuff:

***CASH IS KING!  If yo can please not pay me with $100 bills, that would be greatly appreciated.  Paypal payments are not out of the question, but might result in having to wait until there is a calm time to do so.

**If there is a line, please be patient and respectful, and please wait for your turn.  Each customer will have the same chill and relaxed shopping experience this way.  I'm not a robot - it's ok to chat! 

**Generally speaking everyone can buy 1 of each item available when they visit my sales location.  In some cases where there are various versions of a single figure, I will decide the quantities available per person on a case by case basis.  Aside from the SUNDAY OPEN SALES, no exceptions will be made, so please do not ask to buy all of something (or other such crazy requests as I've had in the past).

**Don't be a dick!  Always an important part of life - but especially in this case because THEY ARE TOYS PEOPLE!

If you're coming to the show, and we've interacted before, please say 'hi!'  I look forward to meeting you!

See you all soon!


p.s. please check out my instagram for pictures of A LOT of the above losted stuff - WAY too many to share here.