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Thursday, December 7, 2017



Still waiting on the box with these test shots in it (can't come soon enough - kinda like Christmas!), but I got a few crummy pictures to hold me over at least!

Hopefully more to report soon.  Cannot wait to sling some paint on a couple of these dudes!

Oh - right - one thing...  For those of you who were bummed about the initial pre-order being unavailable for people outside of Asia, I will be getting a small batch of AP figures in that first color.  I will be signing the headers and puting together a little package with extras to go along with those AP's.  Maybe...February?  I'll update on yonder Instagram of course.

Thanks for checking in!


p.s. Below are some pics of recently released RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU!  There are still 3 WOO available in the webshop, but the Red Kings and Pigumon went fast.  Thank you everyone for the support recently!  Always appreciated!