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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello Hello!

Ok, this 'not writing anything on the blog thing' has gone on just about long enough!

Things have been a wee bit nutty - wrapping up painting for shows like Wonderfestival and Grasshut's "It Came from Sandiego" - moving my home and all my stuff from Northern Japan down to a temporary storage spot in Tokyo - and now traveling to and around the USA!  Lots and lots happened at the end of July, and there are oodles of toys that hardly got up on the internets (many of which are off at new homes already!).  So, here's a post all about playing catch-up.  Pics and some words from the late July and early August Rampage Toys' world :-P


There were RAMPAGE TOYS in decent numbers represented at the Dragatomi Booth durring this years SDCC.  All but the Cyclops Dinos went away with happy new families :-D

First Painted Run of the Cyclops Dinos!  The leftovers of these little guys are up on the Dragatomi website, here:
SDCC Dinos!!!

Manotaurs - 2 versions.  We did a few more of these after SDCC, and they are up on the Imps and Monster's website, here:
SDCC Ice Manotaur

Ugly Unicorns!  GID metallic Rainbow Hair!


GRASSHUT "It Came From Sandiego" show.  I was very happy to be invited by the man Bwana Spoons to participate in this fun little showing of cool stuffs from this year's SDCC.  I did a little bundle of one-off dinos (a few shown below) - all available on the GH website now:
One-off Bronto-clops - on the Grasshut site now!
One-off T-clops - in the Grasshut shop now!

One-off Anklyoclops #3 - on the Grasshut site now!


One of the biggest toy/model events EVER takes place twice a year - near Tokyo.  I was able to attend with a box of goodies - just before departing Japan for my summer travels.  Highlights of my little bundle of toy love included:

RAMPAGE x GRUMBLE TOY  Lilth and Wormrah

Orange vinyl version of the Cyclops Dinos (this version will also be up for sale at next week's Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention)
Summer Festival Dinos!

RAMPAGE x Ilanena "Girly UU"  (Blythe Eyes!).  One of these guys made his way into my own shop - here:
Ilanena's Girly UU's

AKIBA One Up 'Pandemonium' Exclusives.  The monthly showig of custom sofubi at the Akihabara One Up shop has been a fun venue a couple times now!  I released another Manotaur custom as well as the next batch of cyclops dinos - Sea Slug colors on Purple vinyl :-) Pandemonium Pandemonium

Coming up next is prep for a little shindig in LA, and then some traveling in Europe and THEN New York Comic Con!!!!  Lots of BIG plans for that - YAY!

Thanks for having a look folks!  More to follow in the coming week or so ;)