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Monday, April 11, 2011

Post-Con Post

As the Germans love to say: Greets! And the amazing world of resin and otherwise rediculous RAMPAGE TOYS and Art survives yet another convention! Emerald City Comic Con was fun - hanging with my buddies Justin Hillgrove and Mike Capp - and Wondercon was AMAZING - leaving me wishing I lived in the Bay area... But now it's back to work in beautiful mostly cloudy 50% chance of showers Seattle, Washington, and things are picking up speed again! First of, here are some more pictures of the Flex Pack figures that I released at Wondercon. I can't stress enough how happy I am with these casts - Thank You Marty (The Godbeast Customs)!!!! There are still about half of these sets available, so hit up the listings on ye ol' RAMPAGE BigCartel, and get some sweet resin and header card art! And then there are the ACE Luchador figures, which are currently SOLD OUT in the shop. I'll be re-stocking these guys as soon as I can - probably in 2 weeks. The color ways will be slightly more limited - primarily flesh and bright pink, but I'll throw in a few randoms and perhaps a 'swirl' or two, so keep an eye on the shop! They'll still come bagged and carded! There will be a few additions to the shop by tomorrow sometime (4/12/2011). I'll finally be getting my Monster In My Pocket Cupcake Propaganda figure posted up, as well as the Glyos heads and some small customs! And here's the portion of this post where I thorw in some 'shout outs' to people who RULE! I was recently in 'the old country' (Germany and such), and I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend SmallStuffPepe!!! Pepe and his lady joined me and a friend for lunch and CAKE (YAY CAKE!!!) in Munich, and we chatted about toys, art, ...that kind of stuff. Here's the man himself - along with his better half ;-) And, to top the post off, here's Jessie Oleson - owner of the Cakespy Shop in Seattle! I'll be hanging my show at 'Cakespy' on May 9th and 10th, and the opening will be on the 12th from 6-9pm. It's going to be a raucus shindig - complete with libations, toys, wall art, music and (of course) CUPCAKES!!! The show title is going to be "Monsters, Cupcakes and Monster Cupcakes" - all of which will be in attendance!!! So - Be There!
Oh right - one last thing - here's a little 3x5 Watercolor, Ink and Acrylic piece I did while I was in Germany. "Cake #2"