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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Hey Folks!

Summer events are fast approaching!

July 21st is the big day this year - the day of the SECOND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL RAMPAGE DAY!

There will be 2 events on that day:

Event #1) SUMMER SLIME 2 with Bwana Spoons and Paul Kaiju at the old GUNZO store in Old Town, San Diego!

Please RSVP HERE for this year's SUMMER SLIME event.

RSVP-ing gives us a measure on how much food and beverage and how many toys to bring for the hungry masses.  

I will be out in Sunny San Diego for this event, and am psyched to see you all and hang out!  This year I will be doing sales simultaneously with Paul and Bwana, so I will have more of a chance to eat Tacos and enjoy some brews.  All of the necessary info about the event location, times, etc. can be found on PAUL KAIJU'S website

Event #2) RAMPAGE DAY at Vintage and Vinyl Club in Hong Kong!

I have sent over a big old box of goodies for RAMPAGE DAY at VVC this year - even more than last year, and I think even BETTER!  Please have a look at the RT and VVC Instagram pages for all sorts of teasers.  I'll have to put together a promo image for this year's show - and will update here as soon as I do.

Hope you are all staying cool and having fun this Summer!