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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore X Skull Head Butt at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!

After a fun Keshi Party and a Wonderfestival that was good (despite the mega snowstorm hampering the crowds), it's time to get psyched for this year's FIRST full on show at RAMPAGE STUDIOS:


For this one, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Skull Head Butt (Marmit) team up and release what are sure to be a killer group of custom figures!  MVH will be painting SHB figures and SHB will be doing custom MVH figures.  To round it all off, I will also contribute a little group of RAMPAGE custom MVH and SHB figures (psyched!).

Event Details:

-Opening Party: 3/14 19:00~ (ticketed sales - tickets will be distributed starting at 6PM on a random and first come first served basis.  Entry will be for 5 people at a time. Coming early does not guarantee you an early entry to purchase figures) Toys and libations will be on hand.  Once sales have chilled out, everyone is free to hang out, chat and stare at the toys. (変な日本語:オープンパーティー:金曜日3月14日19時から~ チケットの販売。18時からチケットあげます、ランドム番号で。5人ずつ展示に入ることができます。販売のおわり時からぜひ飲みましょう!)

-Saturday and Sunday (3/15-16): 11:00-16:00 (display of all figures and maybe more new stuff and maybe a release - sales will be on a first come first served basis) (土と日曜日3月15-16日:11時から16時まで:売り物ありますと、ふつうな販売します)。

-Any remaining items will be online in the RAMPAGE WEBSHOP on the Monday following the show's closing.

This should be a good one!  Keep an eye on @mutantvinylhardcore and @jmrampage on Instagram for updates!  See you there!