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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RAMPAGE TOYS' DCON BOOTH 918 - releases and information

It's almost time for my very first trip to Designer Con!  I will be sharing a corner booth (#918) with my good friend JUSTIN HILLGROVE (Imps and Monsters) and will be bringing A LOT of toys - all of which I'm very happy to have gotten done in time - and I hope you will all enjoy!

When looking for booth 918, keep your eyes peeled for this poster:

Justin did a stellar job on this thing - it features the painting that is also being used for the Kaibutsuya header card.  I will have a limited number of prints of this available along side the toy releases.
So - without further delay, here's the list of what will be at my table - followed by some IMPORTANT general guidelines for those of you coming to shop!
Revenge! Robo-Kesagake. Blank Black Playset (includes multiple omake and large print - in stamped canvas bag). First release. Edition of 10. $300
'Rotten DX' - RT x Triclops x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 10. $200
'Toxigon' - RAMPAGE x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 5. $350
'Alien Hunter X' - RT x MVH x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
'GNAW-X' - "Death Fetti Ver." RT x Plaseebo x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
'HAG DX' - RT x MVH. limited number of BLANK BLACK vinyl figures. $100
'Alien Hunter DX' - GID guts. RT x MVH. Small micro run. $200
'Sleeping Negora' - RAMPAGE x Konatsuya. RAMPAGE Painted white vinyl base. Edition of 19. $40
'RAMPAGE x CLICK CRACK Guts Ugly Unicorn.' Amazing fabric guts, by textile artist Click Crack,in clear Ugly Unicorns. $100
MAYBE - 'Uglier Unicorn' - micro run with cheapo silk screen t-shirt. New UU sculpt by SPLURRT! $50
'Soprano' - RAMPAGE x Cojica Toys. Yellow base vinyl with Tokyo colorway paints. Includes magnetic 'snack' omake. Edition of 10. $120
'Salary Diggler' - RAMPAGE x Splurrt x Skullheadbutt. RAMPAGE paint on mixed vinyl bases. 5 available. $150
Assorted Blank and painted micros (Gachapon Goblins, Tanks, Cabriolets, Unicorns, TOFU!, Galaxy People Racers). $5-$10 each.
BLOBPUS paint - Unicorn Tanks! $20 each.
Assorted 'Kaibutsu Snack Packs' - Painted -$40. Blank - $20.
Assorted blank Squeeky Toys! Labmice and Dinos. $10 each or 3 for $25.
A few one-off figures - prices vary. Available randomly throughout the con.
Other bits and bobs. Just come look!

Some guidelines for a fun and successful trip to the RAMPAGE booth:

-CASH SALES. I am traveling from Japan with my wares, and do not have a system for accepting credit cards. Please bring cash to cover the cost of the items you are hoping to purchase.
-No lotteries or scheduled 'timed releases.' On Saturday I will allow the purchase of two 'large' figures per person, and there will be no limit on the small stuff (mini/micro sized, etc.). I will stamp hands to keep track. Durring the final hour of Saturday and all day Sunday there will be no limits on sales. If you wish to buy more figures than you are initially able to on Saturday, please come back during the open sales times.
-Please be patient and wait in line if there is a line. I have a lot of stuff - you will all get something good! Be nice to each other!
-Last, but not least - if you are trying to buy my stuff for the purpose of re-selling it (known widely as 'flipping' or commonly as 'being a total douchebag'), please walk in front of a truck on your way to the event! Thanks much!