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Friday, January 31, 2014


Long time no blog update!

Last month's Superfestival was AWESOME!  Thank you EVERYONE for the support at the event and on-line afterwards.  You all ROCK!!!

Been busy around here - getting ready for 2014's inaugural event at RAMPAGE STUDIOS and for Wonderfestival on the same weekend!  Here's some images and info on the upcoming stuff - NEXT WEEKEND!

TRU:TEK will be in attendance at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  February 7th from 7PM until whenever.  New Keshi, new Gachapon and libations!

WONDERFESTIVAL!  Winter 2014 edition featuring TONS of stuff!  I will have New Frenzy X RAMPAGE Cupcake Luchadors (full vinyl version), New Dinos, Ugly Unicorns painted by Justin Hillgrove and OODLES of new micros in sets and singles form.  SUNDAY 2/9 !

Hope to see some of you there!