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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!

Prior to the Christmas Holiday RAMPAGE TOYS were unveiled en Masse at MONSTER Art and Clothing in beautiful downtown Ballard. This super cool shop stocks a ton of fantastic art - all creations of local (to the greater Seattle area) artists. Stop in (5000 20th Avenue Northwest) or check out the website (, and get yourself some RAMPAGE TOYS!!! Don't delay - the first edition of RAMPAGE is a limited run (numbering about 40 total), and they are selling like hotcakes!!!

Motivated by popular demand, the characters that are RAMPAGE TOYS will begin to develop personalities, and you'll learn all about them right here on the RAMPAGE blog. I'll cover a couple toys in a series of posts over the coming weeks. So, without further ado:

B-Scotty: This timid fellah has a soft side - but he'll still eat you! (a little at a time... if you let him...) B-Scotty weighs in at a massive 12.3 ounces; where DOES he put it all... so fit and healthy. WATCH OUT! He's gonna bite your little toe! Truth is, B-Scotty comes from a small town in Southern Italy, but has recently moved to Rome where he rents a nice hollowed out bust. He speaks Italian and a little german - this helps him handle all the tourists. His favorite movie is "Attack of the killer Tomatoes," and his favorite food is kittens - which he finda a plenty on the streets of Rome.

CUPCAKE: Sweet as can be, and full of chocolatey goodness, Cupcake is perhaps the star of the RAMPAGE series. With his razor sharp teeth and 15 ounce mass (he's a bit hefty.... but he IS snack food after all!) he can easily overwhelm unsuspecting infant mice, which just so happen to be his prefered dietary staple! Cupcake was born and raised by a family of Vanilla cupcakes, who shunned him and sent him out to face the world alone after realizing his ingredients would just never been like theirs... He now roams the streets of Seattle searching for something to make his life more complete. What is it? Will he ever find it? Will he even be happy if or when he does?....

Stay tuned for more RAMPAGE TOYS profiles and a Christmas Custom Munny! YAY TOYS!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello Peoples!

Well, now that Seattle has reverted to full blown poo weather (as is the case during most of the Fall and Winter months), many of us Seattleites are retreating to our warm abodes and doing things like watching movies, reading books and MAKING ART!

Halloween brought with it the annual punkin carvin' fun, and here's what RAMPAGE TOYS (in collaboration with Lizzie - my ever patient wife) came up with:

Aside from holiday festivity, I've been wrapping up work on a custom toy that has been more or less sitting in the planning phase for 6 months (yeah, toy making takes the back burner to much needed sunshine in the summer and early fall months!). And here it is: a ROCKET WORLD I.W.G. Baby-Cubs Custom!!!!!!!!!! (

This baby panda is almost 100% flocked, so he's soft and cuddly. BUT DON'T BE FOOLED! HE'LL GOUGE YOUR EYE OUT! YIKES! But seriously, the toy is based with acrylics, and then flocked with like color flocking powder of varying textures. The muzzle is done with a particularly coarse material (intended for architectural model use) to give this guy a gnarly bearded look. The eyeball was painted using gloss acrylics. SCARY! (that's what my wife thinks...). Enjoy the photos, and don't forget to e-mail if you want a rad custom handmade by RAMPAGE TOYS!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rampage Toys in Japan!!!

Hello Loyal Fan Peoples!

Well, here it is, the end of October and finally time for a RAMPAGE TOYS update!

In recent news: Japan is awesome!!! Not only is Japan awesome, beautiful and home to some cool and crazy people and places, but it's basically the capital of AWESOME toys and toy designers! In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Japan is the capital of design in general - what with kids and designers pumping out the cutting edge in style and other such craziness, and flaunting new fangled (and old-school) styles in a way few Americans (or even Euros) would feel confident doing. Need I repeat the word: AWESOME!!!!

Much anticipated in my travels was a quick visit to one of the ALL TIME BEST toy and graphic designing collaboratives in the world: DEVIL ROBOTS! These guys are amazing! They manage a balance between the standard (and requisite) Japanese Kawaii (= cute) and cool and edgy designs. They merge these two elements wonderfully and have come up with some of the most enduring and FUN characters in modern toy and graphic design - to name a couple: DeviRob (a gangly and mysterious guy who wears a helmet with BIG RED horns) and Tofu Oyako (the marvelous little cube-headed figure loved world-wide by kids, adults and all ages in between). Here are a couple of shots of the Devilrobots studio - LOOK AT ALL THOSE TOYS!!!!

Above: Devirob in the top middle on the table, and Tofu Oyako bottom left in the red one-zee!

The DR head-cheese (Shinichiro), and his second in command, were incredibly welcoming and even threw some free schwag our way. How awesome is that! Check out Devilrobots on Facebook or take a gander at their website ( - though Japanaese proficiency might help on that end of things - not much English on the site. I would also highly recommend visiting these guys if you are EVER in Tokyo!

Anyway, what would a RAMPAGE blog posting be without some RAMPAGE artwork!?!?!? So, here it is, inspired by Hyo Myazaki (possibly the most talented person in animation - "creator of Spirited away" an "My Neighbor Totoro") - my take on the Makuro Kuroske - those Cute little dust creatures that live in your attic and keep evil spirits at bay. Everyone can use a little extra good luck hanging around! These guys are made of felt and yarn - oh so soft and cuddly.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ollie the Munny-World Entry Munny


Ollie here (named in honor of my wife's dearly departed and beloved goldfish of many years) didn't quite make the cut in the Munny World Contest, but He did make the first spot in the 'check out these cool 'other' customs' list!

Ollie's fins and tail are made from armatron wiring and masking tape (simple in theory , difficult in practice). The paint-job is primarily the result of layering with orange, white, gold and silver spray cans, and the face details and portions of the tail are sculpted with green stuff (a 2 part epoxy-like sculpting putty - no baking required). Enjoy!!!

The full frontal view. Check the subtle coloring on his belly!

A 'little bit o' detail' shot. Put this guy in water, he could swim with those fins!

Congrats to all the winners - whoever you all are. Rampage Toys will keep chugging away, and maybe they'll do another one of these comps!

As alway, send any inquiries about t-shirts, stickers, customs or any questions to:

Up next - some plush and a ROCKET WORLD I.W.G custom. Yeeah! Give me a couple weeks though...

Friday, July 24, 2009


Check these photos!

After copious amounts of procrastination, the RAMPAGE MUNNY MOBILE is finally up for viewing on the RAMPAE TOYS blog!!!

Please feel free to contact with questions or interest in a custom Munny. Sculpting, painting, drawing - it's all a go!


Check out the stylish jeans, leather belt and RAMPAGE TOYS t-shirt! - not to mention the sharp fang and bushy eye-brows. SCARY!

Flames make the munny mobile faster --- of course! Check out those white walls!!!!!!!!!!!

A euro plate - they just look cooler!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going on 2 Months - Time Flies!

Hello All Interested (and therfore interesting) Peoples!

Work is a drag, right? Well, that's the general consensus among us striving artist-types - whiling away our time at work durring the day... The past two months have flown by with no updates on this page!

But no matter! Things are bustling along and Rampage Toys is sticking it out!

If you live in Seattle, keep an eye out for people clad in RAMPAGE TOYS t-shirts! The assembly line has been spitting out the occasional shirt and hoodie for commited fans, and they're looking awesome. Here's a peek:

Also, check out the shop at for RAMPAGE TOYS on sale on-line! The AWESOME Kristen Trask at Schmancy Toys (Downtown Seattle on 2nd next to the Moore Theater) is carrying a full set of Series 1 RAMPAGE TOYS!!!!


Friday, May 8, 2009



Most recently RAMPAGE TOYS has been focusing on taking over the world. So, with that goal in mind, I've had to come up with some clever subterfuge-esque methods (don't want the man catching on).

First stop: AMSTERDAM. And what better time to start than May Day - that pivotal moment in central europeans' year when they decide everything sucks and they need to smash stuff. PERFECT!

My method: Stickers of course. Check out the pictures for RAMPAGE TOYS' international debut in the form of the (soon to be) iconic RAMPAGE mascot on a schmancy homemade sticker. Yup.

Soon to Come: Stuttgart, Germany (home of Porsche and the Scwaebisch tongue), and, of course Paris, France and London, England (homes of, well, lots and lots of things...). Check back for World Dominion (i.e. sticker) updates!

Contact me at if you want stickers. They're biodegradable and really pretty, and like all current RAMPAGE art - individually handmade.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Local Retailers Carrying RAMPAGE TOYS!

Hey TOY People!

So, the newset development from the world of Rampage Toys is an increase in retail availability. In other words: RAMPAGE TOYS are out in stores now!

Check out the following shops in Seattle where you can get all sorts of rad stuff including RAMPAGE TOYS.

Schmancy Toys - Downtown Seattle

Gifted - Ballard
Check them out at:

Atomic Boys - West Seattle (this site is under construction)

This first edition of the Rampage line is super limited. There will be less than 40 total of the rampaging snack-food monsters anywhere IN THE WHOLE WORLD! So, snatch 'em up and put them on the shelf next to whatever other awesomeness you're currently collecting. E-mail me for direct requests!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome and T-SHIRTS

Hello Fans of Toys!

A couple of quick items to get this blog rolling.

1)On facebook??? Check out the Fans of RAMPAGE TOYS group!!! Join and post. That will be one of the other outlets for RAMPAGE TOY's dominion.

2)T-Shirts will be available soon. They will resemble "team jerseys" - just softer and cheaper and WAY COOLER. The design is at the top of this post, and RAMPAGE TOYS will be in bold font accross the top reverse of the shirt.
More to come - and a lot more pictures!