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Thursday, May 31, 2018


Hey Hey Hey!

I'll be at Five Points Festival this weekend!  The RAMPAGE Booth is booth #326 - I'll be sharing the space with GUUMON.

I'll have a bit of everything - small and large -  for this thing.  Prices are listed below for the stuff that I can say for sure I will have.  Probably a few extras getting tossed in my bags tomorrow when I head into NYC.


OG Ugly Unicorn (with sticker and card set) - $30 each
Uglier Unicorns (asssorted) - $30-40 each
Ugly Onicorns - $40 each
Snack Packs (blank clear purple w/glitter) - $30/set
Constructicon Destroyer Robo-unicorns - $30 each
Hulk Bunny Bear Fighters - $10 each
Micro My Little Unicorns - $10 each
Mixed parts (assorted) Pigumon w/painted micro Pigumon - $50 each
Unpainted clear purple w/glitter Morel Black - $60
Some wierdo SHB mash-ups - $40 each
Alien Hunter X - $200
Cyclops X (hawaii color) - $120
Painted Grem X micro run- $160
Blank Grem X - $90
Penetrator X micro run - $160

Collabs RT Paint stuff:

Science Patrol Clawson - $20 each
Fluffy Negora - $60 each
Art Junkie Calm Cat (Space Cat V2.0) - $30 each
Chokehzrd Toxic Cyclops (Tropical Cyclops - blind bagged assorted but similar versions) - $160 each


*CASH PREFERRED!  I will accept Paypal for larger purchases IF there are no people waiting behind you.  If there is a line, you will have to wait to process Paypal, and your payment must clear prior to my handing off your items.  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR BRINGING CASH, AND FOR NOT PAYING WITH 100 DOLLAR BILLS WHEN BUYING INEXPENSIVE STUFF!

*All sales are first come first served

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Only buy what you want to buy, and if you are Muling, only buy what you've been asked to buy.

*Be respectful of those around you and of those ahead of you in lines/waits. 

*SATURDAY: 1 of each item per household.  NO, your kids, wife, cousins or extended family cannot buy a second figure.  

*SUNDAY: open sales on all remaining items.  No limits.  

I know this event will be a bit wild, as there are a lot of highly sought after items in attendance.  So, please let's all remember that these are collectibles and that this is a hobby and that this should be fun.  

Thanks in advance to all who come out!  It should be a good time!

See ya'll out there!

Booth #326