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Friday, May 8, 2009



Most recently RAMPAGE TOYS has been focusing on taking over the world. So, with that goal in mind, I've had to come up with some clever subterfuge-esque methods (don't want the man catching on).

First stop: AMSTERDAM. And what better time to start than May Day - that pivotal moment in central europeans' year when they decide everything sucks and they need to smash stuff. PERFECT!

My method: Stickers of course. Check out the pictures for RAMPAGE TOYS' international debut in the form of the (soon to be) iconic RAMPAGE mascot on a schmancy homemade sticker. Yup.

Soon to Come: Stuttgart, Germany (home of Porsche and the Scwaebisch tongue), and, of course Paris, France and London, England (homes of, well, lots and lots of things...). Check back for World Dominion (i.e. sticker) updates!

Contact me at if you want stickers. They're biodegradable and really pretty, and like all current RAMPAGE art - individually handmade.