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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Hey Hey Hey!  A blog post!  YEAH!

Mark your calendar! Saturday, July 20th, 6pm – here comes…

SUMMER SLIME 3 - Sun of the Slime!!!!!!

Join us for an evening of Toys and Tacos! Featuring toys and art from over 10 artists; Paulkaiju,  Bwana Spoons, Rampage Toys, along with special guests Anime Jungle and Uky Daydreamer hosting a variety of exclusive sofubi from Japanese artists. 

Hosted at GUNNZO's old location:  2445 Juan St, San Diego CA 92110

Free tickets to enter the drawing to purchase figures will be distributed starting at 6:00pm
Ticket numbers called via random drawing at 7:30pm

Libations brewed by LAGUNITA’S will be available for your sipping pleasure.  There will also be some tasty tacos on offer.  Basically, everything you need will be available in one place – TOYS, DRINKS and FOOD!  What more couldja want????


I'm actually taking time out of the studio today to get my life in order, prepare for this upcoming trip to Cali AND to actually update this silly blog thing for once.  I have been lazy about puting up product and price lists for most events recently - but here's a pretty good summary of what I'll have on offer at SS3:

*Chubby Thighs Moon Goons (RTxPK):  $50 each
*Monster Buddy Set - Splurrt Diggler and Uglier Unicorn Sets: $70/set
*Slime green Snack Packs (vaguely hulk-colored): $30/2-figure set
*Slime Green Geoffery the Giraffeycorn and Shaggy Little Unicorns (full paint): $10 each
*Bright Colors mixed-parts Moon and Kappa Ponies (blanks): $10 each
*Quang Bunny Bears (fuller paint): $10 each
*Salary Dogu w/ Pet Suchinoko (RT x Science Patrols): $60 each
*Kaibustsuya Painted sets (3 figure micro set in cloth bag - 2 versions available): $35/set
*RT x beaK Slime Green Mini Monster Sets (vinatgey paint app): $35/set
*Ooze-Alien Hunter (RT x MVH x SHB): $200 each
*Bubby Assault! (RT x Neil Ewing): $10 each
*Weirdo Micros (full paint): $10 each
*RT x Grumble Toy Micros (full paint): $10 each
*Tank and Car cruiser micros (blanks): $10 each
*MICROS - blank micros for $5 each or $20 for 5 (you choose your favorites)
*a smattering of items from past events and shop drops (deals abounds!)

HOPEFULLY I will also have some new patches and stickers - which will be something like $3 or $5 or something.  They are supposed to get here tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

As has always been the case, you may buy one of each painted item when at the table, and once everyone has had a chance you can come back to mule for your friends (or what have you).  I will be selling at the same time as everyone else (just like last year).  In the ccase of the blank micros - no purchase limit (within reason).

Soooooo, let's hang out, have some brews, eat some tacos and talk toys!  

Psyched to see you all out there!


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