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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 'Merry Christmas' Post!

Hey Toy Peoples!

A lot has happened since my last post, and it's mostly been GREAT! First was a little show/sale near Seattle - sold some new stuff. Then Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center! What an awesome time that was! A whole bundle of RAMPAGE TOYS and Artwork went away to new homes :-) The booth was a 5x10, so things were packed in there - it was a tight fit:

Above are some new Full sized Kapuke-ki Kaiju and the new MINI KAPUKE-KI Kaiju figures!!!! All of the above figures found new homes at or after Urban Craft! Thanks to anyone who picked one (or more) up!

And then - the next weekend - My lady and I headed down to Portland for the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Mega Extravaganza! There were a gazillion vendors at this thing - maybe the reason why the shoppers weren't going nuts. I ran into Bwana Spoons, Hungry Eyeball, Jon Knox and Monstre Hero while down in Portland - AWESOME to meet those guys! Bwana took some of my resin for his shop (Grass Hut in downtown Portland), and I picked up some Jon Knox resin to paint up (in February).

Here's the RAMPAGE booth:

Now I'm on the East coast... away from my studio and all of my stuff... I might cry a bit...

Anyway, if you're looking to get your hands on some new Mini-Cake Cupcake Kaiju - e-mail me, and I'll get a list started for when I return in January - And, as always - lots of pics on Flickr:

There is a ton in the works for February - resin releases, some collaborations and customs galore!

Merry Christmas to all!
May it find you surrounded with toys and other such great art-stuff!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

RAMPAGE TOYS Event Spectacular!!!!

Happy November!

Now, if you're like me, you're not entirely psyched for the coming of Winter and the type of weather that keeps you cooped up inside... But, luckily, this year is a bit different! RAMPAGE TOYS will be in attendance at MANY artsy and crafty events, and you all should too! Come one come all to the following displays of AWESOME:

1)"Art Of Toys" Group show at Tasty in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood! Opening THIS FIRDAY - November 12th.

Justin Hillgrove, Imps and Monsters, and I will be showing off a whole ton of new Art, and even more TOYS! There will be blank resin, painted resin, canvases, glicee prints, sceen prints and all sorts of other great stuff on display and for sale ;-) Justin and I will be in attendance, as well as plenty of liquid awesome (yep - beer). Other artists contributing include the very talented Kerstin Graudins (Seattle local Screenprinting MASTER) and "Small Stuff Pepe" - all the way from Switzerland! Here's a glimpse of things to come:

Happy Cupcake Buddhas! Part of my upcoming Kapuke-ki Propaganda Resin Series!

A fine selection of custom Vinyl Toys :-)

Kapuke-ki Luchador Resin Figures! Bootleged MUSCLE toy from the 80's!

Mysterious - and Fantastic Customs (this is a work i progress shot of my 10 inch Teddy Trooper for the show);-)

2)Winter edition of the Indie Banditas Bazaar! - November 26th (noon-6) and 27th (10am-5pm)(yep - black friday and the following Saturday) at te Grange Hall on Bainbridge Island, Washington! This should be a fund event - lots of cool local artist should be in attendance - selling loads of fun things! Get your holiday shopping on! I'll have bundles of resin, jewelery, prints, paintings - all that good stuff :-)

3)More infoto follow, but the following 2 Events ARE GOING TO BE HUGE!!!!!!
WINTER URBAN CRAFT UPRISING! I'll be there December 4th and 5th with BUNDLES of stuff - come on out early and get a schwag bag! Seattle's most ginormous and amazing display of handmade awesome!

WINTER CRAFTY WONDERLAND!!!! I'll be there December 11th and 12th, again, with BUNDLES of stuff!!! Portlands most ginormous and amazing display of handmade awesome!

Don't miss out on all the fun! Come check out all of these great events in the PNW!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYCC and Other Great Stuff

YES! Time for new toys!
I recently attended the 2010 New York Comic Con - where the Kapukeki Kaiju was revealed to the public! I didn't sell much... but that's financial info, and not interesting reading material, right?...

Anyway, The Con was AMAZING! There were A LOT of big name toy artists to schmooze with and plenty of toy fans to hang out with as well. I carted around a blank Kapukeeki to show to artists and gauge interest in getting some pro-customs done. Feedback was general super-positive and I'm looking forwar to pursuing these interests in the very near future!

Enough gab though - Here are some pics of the event:

The RAMPAGE TOYS Shelf at the TENACIOUS TOYS booth!!! Thanks to Benny (purveyor of AWESOME via the Tenacious Toys website) for hosting my first 'big' release fig, and for being just all around AWESOME!

My Favorite place to hang (besides the Tenacious Toys booth!) at the Con! The O'Nell Designs booth had THE BEST toys at the Con! These resin masters were not only fully stockes with amazing toys, but also happened to be the coolest, most friendly artists anywhere! Shout out to Marty (TGB), Paul (Kaiju), Jesse Destasio and Matt - AWESOME!!!

So, NYCC aside, things are rolling along in the RAMPAGE studio. I'm wokring on some acrylic paintings and LOTS of toys for the upcoming "Art of Toys" show at Tasty Art Gallery in Seattle
. I'm also pouring resin and offering blank figures and painted figures via the RAMPAGE BigCartel site and soon via the Custom Toy Union's Webstore! I'm also working on some new ultra-mini resin figures (quasi bootleg - but in a good way :-), and I'll be posting about custom resin and vinyl in the very near future! I digress: here are some photos:

Blank Kapukeeki Kaiju resin figs! Any artists want one?

Halloween edition of the Kapukeeki Kaiju Resin Toy! Only 5 will be made - maybe less! They will be made to order. Available here.

Remember these toys from the 80's???? 'Muscle Men' - I think they were called. Well, here's one converted into a Kapukeeki-Lucha toy! All 1.5 inches of AWESOME! Not sure when I'll mold/cast these, but it will happen!

Thanks for checking in! If you want any toys or paintings or anything like that, just e-mail me! I'm psyched on comissions right now, so ask away!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


OK - The time is nigh! The RAMPAGE TOYS Kapukeeki Kaiju will be unveiled at New York Comic Con - October 8-10 at the Javitz Center in NYC. Head right on over to the TENACIOUS TOYS booth in the Cultyard and get yours! Limited run of 5 pieces ONLY - each hand cast resin toy (cast in 3 different colored resins) will come with a hand painted and screen printed box, a very limited (edition of 8) photolithograph depicting the header card art for Future releases of this toy, AND a secret message for each buyer! What will the message say? For now, let's just say - possible free ART!!! I also hope to include some pins :-)

Here's a teaser -stay tuned for the full reveal next week!

So, instead of a brand new post (how time-consuming is that!), here's, instead, an UPDATE! Below are full reveal pics of the upcoming Releases at the Tenacious Toys booth (#2878) at NYCC TOMORROW!!! GO get your hands on some RAMPAGE TOYS resin and print art!!!

The full package - 4 inch resin, super limited photolithograph and spray painted/screen printed box! RAWR!!!


Edition of 3 - 5 color Screenprint

I'll be there on Saturday! I'll be happy to do sketches if you've got a book with you :-) STop by the Tenacious Toys booth, or just find me - I'll be wearing a light green RAMPAGE TOYS T and carrying around free RAMPAGE buttons!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NYCC Exclusive - and MORE!!!

Greetings all you Mega-Super Peoples!

In short - the RAMPAGE studio is finally up and running - and the projects are quickly piling up... This is a GOOD thing! After some fun at summer shows, and a fantastic month-long break from just about everything, I've finally dug back into the toy making biz and it's really really exciting! Here's the skinny on all things recent and AWESOME:

1)New York Comic Con Exclusive with Tenacious Toys! I'm working on an exciting piece for the October NYCC - The release of the long (and thoroughly) planned Kapukeeki Kaiju Toy! The toy will be released at the Tenacious Toys booth in the NYCC "Cultyard" - which will be the place to be for ALL things AWESOME in the toy world! Even better - I WILL BE ATTENDING, and you should too! I'm posting progress shots on Flickr, so you can keep and eye on the toy's progress, but what would this blog be without pictures of all mentioned projects -

2)SCHMANCY Exclusive Kapukeeki Kaiju Plush! September 1st saw the release of the first RAMPAGE TOYS Exclusive toy at Schmancy Toys in Downtown Seattle! Kristen Rask, the awesome owner and curator at Schmancy (, hosts some of the best artists around, and RAMPAGE TOYS is proud to have a presence in such an awesome shop! Check out the following shots and head over to the Schmancy webstore ( to get your plush fix today!

3)Promo Piece for the November "Art of Toys" resin show at Tasty Art Gallery in Seattle! Justin Hillgrove - of Imps and Monsters fame - and I have finally finished our sculpt and have cast our first piece for the "Art of Toys" show in November. This piece will be painted soon - to be completed by the 13th of this month for max-promo-exposure!!! Keep an eye out for more information - and be sure to put NOVEMBER 12th on you calendar for the opening during the Greenwood Art Walk at TASTY!

As always - thanks for checking in with the RAMPAGE BLOG! Be sure to stop by the Etsy shop ( and BigCartel ( to get your hands on some RAMPAGE toys and art!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Show Re-Cap!

Greetings out there in Internet Land!

Well, it's been a bit of a crazy summer! It all started off with RAMPAGE TOYS participating in two summer art/craft shows - one in Port Townsend and one in Seattle! Many many hours of work went into preparing for these events, and I really hope anyone who made an appearance enjoyed what they saw! The shows were certainly a learning experience - I'm looking forward to doing it all better at some upcoming winter/holiday shows at the end of the year!

Now I'm moving my studio AND house! Well, the house isn't going anywhere - just all my stuff... So, expect more new things starting in September! I've got a bundle of vinyl lined up for customs, and I'm always plotting away on a resin project ;-)

One last thing - RESIN ART SHOW IN SEATTLE!!!! I'll be doing a resin show with another local artist - Justin Hillgrove of IMPS & MONSTERS!!!! Details to come soon, but for now I can tell you that it will open the first Friday of November (the 12th) and it will feature a collaborative resin toy from Justin and Myself, as well as both of our personal resin creations :-) YAY!

Enough jabber - here are some pictures from the summer shows and more :-)

Here I am - sitting at my booth at the Indie Banditas Bazaar - a bit of a slow day...

Yeah! RAMPAGE TOYS rocking the Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle!!! Thanks to all who stopped by to check out all my stuff!!!!

The LOVELY RAMPAGE TOYS assistant showing off some merch ;-)

Of course - some new stuff! These Glow in the dark owls were the lasst two pulls from my old mold... A new mold now exists and it's producing really really nice casts! I have one of these guys on hand - e-mail if you're interested (

Like all of the owls I'm making, these guys get their very own custom header cards! Screen printed and spray painted with a mod-style masking pattern! YEAH!

As always, thanks for checking in! More is on the way soon!!!! There's new stuff up on the RAMPAGE etsy page - CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Toys Toys Toys!

Hey All - come out and buy some toys THIS Saturday and Sunday - July 10th and 11th! RAMPAGE TOYS will be at the most excellent and MAGNIFICENT Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle - selling toys, plush, clothing, prints, jewelery and More!!!! YAY!

Come by the booth and say hi. It would be a pleasure to meet some of you loyal blog-followers (of which there are a million now!... or is it 9?... Same thing, right?). I'll be there with my lovely assistant, sporting a sport jacket (is that redundant?...) and vending the RAMPAGE goods to all!

In order to get you psyched, here are some pictures of things that will be for sale, and some pictures of a new toy I just finished for an artists trade with another local Artist - Kerstin Graudins! Kerstin does AMAZING screen prints, and it just worked out that she's as into octopi as I am! ENJOY!

Limited Run of 8 CC Cookie resin toys - with hand screened and water colored Header cards!

Various Nachteule toys! 5 color ways to chose from! Spary painted and screen printed headers!

Lots of SUPER COOL prints! Screen prints, monotypes, stencils! WOW!

A new OCTO toy! This guy isn't for sale, but you could always commision a similar piece ;-) He's built on a Mini Munny Body - lots of armature and sculpting work here - and the usual, spray paint and acrylics. He was a blast to make and paint!

Of course he glows! Fishnet pattern and ALL!

Hope to see you all at the Seattle Center this weekend! It should be a blast!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Indie Banditas!

Just a short post to bring to your attention that RAMPAGE TOYS will be selling tons of new and AWESOME stuff at the Port Townsend Indie Banditas Bazaar on this coming Staurday, June 26th - 10am 'till 5pm.

I'll have NEW limited edition (very short run) resin, lots of clothing, plush, jewelery, editioned screen prints and much much more!

Here's the event flyer :-)

I'll make sure to have pictures up next week, at which time all left over items will be up on Etsy, at MONSTER (in Ballard - Seattle) in Schmancy (Downtown Seattle) or on my new developing BigCartel site!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Hey There!
If you're reading this, first of all - you rule! Second of all, glad you happened upon a new post; it's been a while...

But being busy means there is A LOT to report!

I recently took a trip to Portland and happened upon the 'Crafty Wonderland' show at the Portland Convention Center. There were HUNDREDS of super cool artists selling really great stuff! It was a good opportunity to talk to people about art, check out what's being done in the good ol' PNW art/craft scene and, of course, to buy some stuff! For example, this awesome hat made by 'moth & squirrel':

Yeah! That's Donatello on there!

Just prior to my trip to Portland, I had submitted a piece to Toy2R's 15th Anniversary Qeeology show (as mentioned in the 'breaking news' piece at the top of the blog), and here's the toy, Choco-Chip on a rampage, in all it's glory!!! :

There are many many more picture on the RAMPAGE TOYS Flickr Page, including many work in progress shots - so check it out! The original figure was a Earg Qee. I Sculpted the jowels and eyes, and modeled the teeth out of thin plastic card. The speckled paint was achieved by peppering (at a distance) with normal every-day spray paints - SPLATTER SPLATTER! The chocolate chips were individually sculpted and are 100% life sized! Each has his own little scared or confused expression :-)

Also in RAMPAGE TOYS news - NEW RESIN TOYS!!!! Yep, I've been lazy posting these guys, but here they are (finally) - the RAMPAGE TOYS' NACHTEULE!!!! Nachteule is German for 'Night Owl' (literally translated)... kind of a nick name I've acquired since I'm always up so late making stuff... I'm casting and painting various colorways for this figure, and here are the first three sets - including some that GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! YAY!!! I'm screen printing the header art on these guys, so you get two pieces of handmade artwork for each piece you buy! WOW! Some of the original colorways figures are on sale at MONSTER ART and CLOTHING in Ballard, but the rest won't be available until the Indie Banditas Show on June 26th and the Port Townsend American Legion Hall. Be there!

The Original Colorway! Edition of 3.

Disco Edition (of 3)! This has it all! It glows in the dark (check it here), AND it's got that awesome fishnet pattern on the wings! WOW-WEE! On top of all that - the header art glows in the dark too!!!

Sleepy Owl edition (of 3) :-) These guys glow like mad! Here's the evidence. And again - the header art glows! YAY!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check the RAMPAGE Flickr Page for updates (on a very regular basis!). Ciao!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prints and Trades

Greetings!!! - after a period of silence...

Hope all are well out in the internets there ;-) RAMPAGE TOYS is plotting away on many new and exciting things - including NEW toys, new ART and new languages! IN anticipation of an upcoming release, I'm trying my very bestest to acquire a bit of Japanese language skill - with hopes of getting some stuff in the Japanese market! They do have the best toys EVER after-all!

So, that covers the new languages bit. Now to the new ART bit (and some pictures - since that's what everyone wants to see anyway!). I finished making a whole bundle of monotypes and stencil prints recently, and here are a couple for your viewing pleasure. The two robots are BIG (2.5 x 3 feet) monotypes. The set-up for these things took over an hour each - and that's AFTER cutting out the stencils. It can all be messed up with one bad pass through the printing press, but these two 'made it out alive.' YAY! This in 'On-Off-Bot in Silver and Black':

Also, in recent news, the awesome and prolific designer and toy maker UAMOU (Ayako Takagi) and I did a little toy trade - 1 for 1. She got a RAMPAGE TOYS Jelly-O resin toy, and sent a fluorescent orange Uamou vinyl toy (one of her MANY sold-out Uamou designs) my way! Here's a pic of the little guy (left) - along with a couple of his friends:

And last but not least- new TOYS - a sneak peak of something new that I'm working on right now (literally!). A new RAMPAGE TOY for release early this summer - and to be sold at the 'Indie Banditas Bazaar' - June 26th 2010 in Port Townsend, Washington - be there!