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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BOO! Halloween is Coming!

It's that time of years again - ghosts and goblins and all that sort of stuff!

So, what better time to get some paint going on some fresh sofubi?

I managed to pull together a nice little pie of goodies - all of which will go live in the shop on Halloween - sometime in the morning (around 11AM EST I'm thinking... depends on how late I'm up here in Japan!).


GID micro-run - edition of 5! These will come bagged and carded with GID screen printed header cards (not done yet :-P ). Lots and lots of work went into these guys - setenciling, brushwork and the like:

Customs - some of the more detailed customs yet! I've been messing with paper accessories and more masking techniques - basically having fun! There will be 3 Ugly Unicorns and 1 Adult sized RxH Mutant figure up in the shop:

Last, but not least - I have not forgotten my resin roots! I'll soon be releasing some new resin minis into the wild - a new MUSCLE mash-up and a new Monster in my Pocket (MIMP) mash up. More details soon, but here's a little picture of what's done so far (being cast up by Monstrehero - Cliff - in all sorts of wild colors, like candy!):

Saturday, October 22, 2011

After NYCC and CCM! Only one UU left Standing!

Hello people out there in the internets!!!

So, NYCC was a big old success, and a very great first Stateside outting for the Little Ugly Unicorn Fellah! The figures at the Lulubell booth went like hotcakes upon releasing on Friday, and the Tenacious Toys' release trickled down to just one remaining! (NOTE- join the mailing list if you are interested in having a chance at grabbing that last TT Ugly!) Not sure who noticed, but there was a tiny little surprise at the Tenacious Toys' Booth as well - the clear blue guys were split 50/50 orange and yellow eyes - a little variant fun ;-)

The two eye variants at TT's booth looked like this:

And some pics of the little blue guys in place at the con! Thanks to Kris Dulfer (Kid Ink Industries) for posting the pictures on Facebook! Awesome to see the Uglies in the company of such greats as Bob Conge's (Plaseebo) Molezilla!

And then there were the pieces at the Cotton Candy machine in Brooklyn! I was happy to see people postin pics around of these guys - and I really dig the pastel colors. Not sure how many there were (or how many went off to new homes), but here's a shot of one of the two variants. The other is just a switcheroo - blue legs and pink-ish top. I'll be getting some of these at some point, so keep your eyes peeled for updates if you want one but were unable to attend the SUPER COOL show at the CCM.

Another exciting bit of news - Andy, of Kaiju Korner fame, put together a great review of the Ugly Unicorn! He took some great pictures (and wrote very flatteringly) of the little 'Poppy Goji' dude! Here's a picture I stole from Andy's blog - so cool! Head over to the blog to read the full review, here:

Last, but not least - NEW STUFF! I'm almost done with the Halloween Ugly Uicorns! These guys are done on GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl, and will feature bundles of stenciling and brush-work! Dropping on Halloween - here's a teaser:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cotton Candy Machine!

Just a real quick note! There will be a very limited number of exclusive UGLY UNICORNS (I think 5) available at the Cotton Candy Machine's Friday evening partay! There will, of course, also be loads of other awesome things! I highly recommend checking it out if you are in NYC this weekend. All the info is here

NYCC - Why are you so far away?...

Yeah, all whining aside, NYCC should be ROCKIN' this year! Folks like Paul Kaiju, MVH, Plaseebo, Skinner, Lulubell Toys, Tenacious Toys and many many more are all bringing in some AMAZING stuff! Really, it's good I can't go - I'll save a ton of money ^_^

Anyway, the Ugly Unicorn will be there, and he'll also make a rather stout appearance in the RAMPAGE TOYS BigCartel site! I'll be dropping, a micro-run, some customs and some paintings (and a few other choice this and thats) on Thursday (10/13) at ~8PM EST (basically - when I wake up here in Japan on 10/14)!!!!! So, set an alarm, and hit the shop tomorrow evenening for a mini "Rampage-NYCC" release! Here are some pics:

The shop is HERE

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New York Comic Con!

Greetings All!

So, things are moving right along here - still getting acclimated to the life of a 'very-little-japanese-speaking-foreigner-living-in-Japan'... :-) But it's all good! I've got my little studio all up and running, and I've been having loads of fun with my new Airbrush! I'm also trying to get in the swing of using some gouache paints - very cool stuff - very unique painting experience!

Anyway, as most who are reading this undoubtly are aware, New York Comic Con is just arround the corner! There is going to be sooo much amazing stuff in the Javitz Center this year!'s a shame I can't make the trip. BUT, I did mail a nice little box to my good friend Benny (Tenacious Toys), and inside of that box is a bundle of painted toys! The UGLY UNICORN will make its first stateside con debut in two locations and in two (or more ;-) ) separate forms:

1)Tenacious Toys (Benny) will host a run of 10 Ugly Unicorns in booth 876 (along with Toy2R). These guys have clear blue and metallic blue spray over top of clear vinyl! Super Fun to paint, and Great fun to photograph too! These will come with some signed and editioned screen prints for the header cards. $42 each - first come first serve - ONLY 1 PER PERSON!

2)Lulubell Toys (Luke) will host a run of 5 Ugly Unicorns in booth 589. These guys have bright blue hair and some sleepy eyes over top of bright yellow vinyl, and they alse come bagged with editioned screen printed header cards! $42 each - first come first serve - ONLY 1 PER PERSON!

In additon to the 2 mini-runs of UGLY, you might just find a custom one-off Ugly and one of the elusive crystal clear Ugly Unicorns (...I suggest looking at the Tenacious Toys Booth ;-). Benny will also have some other RAMPAGE TOYS goodies mixed in with his stuff, so have a look-see!

There is also something in the works for an on-line release - maybe DURRING NYCC? If you are on the Ugly Unicorn mailing list, you'll be the first to hear the details, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail ( to be added!

Next up - customs and Fall/Halloween! And then, in November, is Design Festa at the Tokyo Big Site (Odaiba)! I'll be there with Datadub - and a bundle of Ugly Unicorns, paintings, and the like!