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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hey People!

The RAMPAGE webshop will re-open tomorrow (Friday, 10/21/2016) at 10PM EST (New York Time).

NYCC leftovers as well as a few other items will be up at that time.

Still trying to figure out the best way to sort out shipping costs.  This USPS jazz is all new to me.  I'll have to talk to a couple other US based makers and see how they run that show.  In the meantime, your patience is super appreciated!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Here are a couple rad flyers put together by a couple rad cats:

Above By Walter Parenton!  IV4E!
<-- -="" aka="" bobbybeast="" boygraphics="" creative="" from="" genius="" iv="" p="" parenton="" walter="">

Above by TRU:TEK!
<-- anderson="" awesome="" engaland="" ever="" from="" iall="" ol="" p="" the="" tru:tek="">

So, below is a list of what I'll have there and pricing.  Items in the Tenacious Case (from Thursday Start time!) are sold via Benny of Tenacious Toys - and he takes dem plastic card thangies.  Items I will sell on Saturday will be cash and carry folks - I'm just getting back to the U.S.A. on Thursday night - no time to set up that card reader jazz.  In any case, all items will be sold at the TENACIOUS TOYS BOOTH - Booth # 309.  Here's the skinny:

Tenacious Toys Exclusives (Available from Thursday):

-ROTTEN X: $150 each
-Ugly Onicorn (Blue Devil Colorway): $45 each
-Clear Blue Cyclops Dinos (sets of 3): $40/set
-Asssorted painted micro dudes: $8-10 each
-Bunny Bear Sets (4 colors of clear vinyl in a baggy with header): $20/set

RAMPAGE-FES - SATURDAY!  10AM 'till 11:30AM  (They call it a 'signing' - but I doubt anyone wants a signature!):

-Hawaii Kesagake (with 2 omake tropical villlager snack pack): $220 each
-RAMPAGE x GRAVY mix-n-match FUN! (build your own set): $65/set
-RT x GRAVY x Science Patrol Tank Heads: $60 each (you'll see)
-GNAW X: $160 each
-Alien Hunter X: $160 each
-Bones Hag DX Micro Run: $250 each
-Fall colors WINTER NIBBLER: Painted $20 each, Blank $15 each
-FINAL Lab Mice Release (marbled vinyl blank set of 3 ugly little dudes): $40/set
-Clear glittery blue Snack Pack sets (2 villagers - kaibutsu snacks): $30/set (painted)
-T-shirts: $25 each

PLUS assorted SUFES stragglers and studio clean-out goodies and maybe a custom or two in the mix!  Surely I've forgotten something in these lists...

Some guidelines:  
#1) No purchasing two of any of the big guys - spread the fun people.  Number of items per person yet to be determined 
#2) Please don't be an ass or complain about not getting a toy or other stuff like that.  Please.  This should be fun, no?
#3) Gifts of pizza and beer are always appreciated
#4) Introduce yourself!  I'm moving to the area, and would love to meet you guys who are there!
Remaining items will go up in the online shop at a time TBD.  Patience young and old Padewans!

Psyched!  See you guys out there!