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Monday, December 3, 2012


Happy December! 

Yet another year that has FLOWN by!

To get in the holiday spirit, as of today there are some snowy Ugly Unicorns in the Shop!  These are the "Spectral Beasticorn UU's", and they are prepared for Holiday cheer AND destruction at the same time!  Pics:

Merry Christmas UU

Blue vinyl(s), grey-blue graddient sprays and handpainted hair and eyes. Topping it all of are some bitchin' caps that were collaboratively made by me and my awesome wife ^_^

Mery Christmas UU!

Two Options

These feature some SUPER SUPER AWESOME header art by my good friend Justin Hillgrove (designer of the Manotaur). 

Spectral Beasticorn!

Head on over to the ol' shoppe to grab some Holiday UU joy!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

In other news - the most excellent "Gojiraya" (Godzilla Shop) here in Tokyo (in Koenji to be more specific) is now hosting a very limited release of 'vintage spray' Cyclops Dino Sets - on blue vinyl.  Colors reminicent of Kanegon and other classic fellows. Get 'em if you can! :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hey There!

Black Friday sales are all over the place, but the only one that REALLY matters - and the only one that is the mostest awesomest - is the BLACK DINO FRIDAY release going on over on the Toys R Evil Webshop!

Collaborative release with Andy of Toys R Evil - who came  up with the vision for this painted version - these dinos feature greyscale sprays and details with some neon colored eyes!  You can check out the listing over on the Toys R Evil website, here:

These will be listed as 'coming soon' until BLACK DINO FRIDAY starts on November 23rd!  I'm a bit confused as to the release time - but it should be cleared up on Andy's site, and I'm sure it will be tweeted and all that fancy technology stuff.  These guys will be painted to order - and I expect to be shipping them of in mid to late December.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

After NYCC and Design Festa!

Hey Folks!

It's been months since I've updated the RAMPAGE BigCartel.  Well - today was the day!  After a great time at NYCC and then Design Festa here in Tokyo (the last 2 days), it was due time to take some pictures and to sit down in front of the computer.  Head on over to the ol' Shoppe and see whats available - oodles of stuff!

Among the various vinyl and resin figures, I'm excited to launch a new item - SUPER LUCKY SECRET BAG dinos!  In each bag you get a chance at one of 8 (or is it more?...  :-P) solid blank or mixed parts dinos and there's also a super secret chase "Neon Metallic" Dogosaur!  $13.13 per bag!  Time to make a heard of dinos!


Also available now - an assortment of painted dino sets! 

Dino Set Assortment

Monday, October 8, 2012


Here it is!  The official list and schedule of RAMPAGE TOYS’ releases for New York Comic Con 2012!

Tenacious Toys Booth (#3121) – Selling the following ALL 4 DAYS (Thursday through Friday), while they last:
-TT Exclusive Blue vinyl Manotaurs (Blank and Painted versions)
-TT Exclusive Blue vinyl Ugly Unicorns (Blank and Painted versions – with header art by Joseph Harmon)
-TT Exclusive Blue vinyl Cyclops Dinos (Blank and painted versions – set of 3 figures)
-TT Exclusive solid blue resin “Micro Cupcake Kaiju”
-Mechavirus (Todd Robertson) custom Ugly Unicorns, Ankyloclops and Manotaur
-RAMPAGE x Splurrt customs (Usir, Mecha-kid, Usir-kid and Diggler)
-DLUX custom Cyclops Dinos set
-Various Ugly Unicorn customs, collaborations and one-offs
-14” RAMPAGE Kewpie custom (‘Nebula Kewpie’)
-Various other items (vinyl, resin, etc.)

***SATURDAY ONLY at the TT BOOTH: Exclusive Kaiju Coup “Warui Inu” – 3 of these guys sold on ‘first come first served’ basis.  Come check them out Thursday or Friday – there will be one on display.

O’NELL Designs Sessions (two of them!)@ Booth #3216:
Thursday, 3:00-6:00 PM:
-Clear red and pink resin ‘Micro Cupcake Kaiju’
-DLUX custom run of Ugly Unicorns
-RAMPAGE x KIKKAKE Bears (Kuma-chan!)
-RAMPAGE x Chima Group Wool
-RAMPAGE Daigomi
-Various resin, prints, customs and paintings

Saturday, 4:00-7:00 PM:
-Clear Red ‘X-ray’ Ugly Unicorns
-The whole rainbow of resin colors for the ‘Micro Cupcake Kaiju’
-Manotaur Customs
-Mixed Up Brontclopsus-rex and Dogoclopsus-rex
-RAMPAGE x UAMOU ‘Subtle Heart’ Micro Uamou and Boo
-RAMPAGE x UAMOU ‘X-ray’ Uamou (new vinyl color!)

Saturday Night – Designer Toy Awards!  Doors at 8 PM:
-Exclusives and stuff in the event’s most righteous ‘Lucky Bags!’  This will be your chance to get 100% uncut white vinyl Cyclops Dinos!

On top of all this scheduled stuff, I will also have loads of stuff on display (not for sale and such), including (but not limited to) a custom ugly Unicorn by Plaseebo, a RAMPAGE custom Plaseebo ‘Night Gamer' and some nice RAMPAGE x Max Toy Eyezons!
A lot of this stuff can be seen ON THE RAMPAGE FLICKR!  As always - RAMPAGE Mailing List Folks will have first dibs at stuff I bring home from the event - join by shooting an email here:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey People!

Bah!  I'm busy!

Since September 21st I have been working every single day in an effort to get everything ready for October 10th - the day when NYCC is to be all set up and ready to go!  It looks like things will be good to go, namely the following stuff:

TENACIOUS TOYS NYCC Exclusive RAMPAGE sofubi!  NEW BLUE VINYL- painted AND blank


-RAMPAGE paintwork on the followings peoples' vinyl and resin:
*Chima Group
*Max Toy
*Peter Kato

-Exclsive releases by some of Rampage Toy's toy compatriots!  I'll host releases from the follwing notable awesome people:
*Galaxy People (Cats!)
*Kaiju Coupe (Dogs!)

-Very VERY talented people's paintwork on RAMPAGE vinyl!  These guys went to town on some SWEET customs for the RAMPAGE case:
*Mechavirus (Todd Robertson)
*D Lux

-And, of course, there is more!  Some surprises for a session at O'nell designs booth, and other coolness too ;-)

Here's the NEED TO KNOW info:

When: October 11th-14th (11th is preview day/night - for 4 day pass holders only)
Where: Jacob Javitz Center ***All 4 days at booth #3121 (Tenacious Toys' booth), and also at the O'nell Designs' booth for a session!

Check out the Con's website for all the details:

I'll post again with more pics before the event. 

Hope to see you there!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello Hello!

Ok, this 'not writing anything on the blog thing' has gone on just about long enough!

Things have been a wee bit nutty - wrapping up painting for shows like Wonderfestival and Grasshut's "It Came from Sandiego" - moving my home and all my stuff from Northern Japan down to a temporary storage spot in Tokyo - and now traveling to and around the USA!  Lots and lots happened at the end of July, and there are oodles of toys that hardly got up on the internets (many of which are off at new homes already!).  So, here's a post all about playing catch-up.  Pics and some words from the late July and early August Rampage Toys' world :-P


There were RAMPAGE TOYS in decent numbers represented at the Dragatomi Booth durring this years SDCC.  All but the Cyclops Dinos went away with happy new families :-D

First Painted Run of the Cyclops Dinos!  The leftovers of these little guys are up on the Dragatomi website, here:
SDCC Dinos!!!

Manotaurs - 2 versions.  We did a few more of these after SDCC, and they are up on the Imps and Monster's website, here:
SDCC Ice Manotaur

Ugly Unicorns!  GID metallic Rainbow Hair!


GRASSHUT "It Came From Sandiego" show.  I was very happy to be invited by the man Bwana Spoons to participate in this fun little showing of cool stuffs from this year's SDCC.  I did a little bundle of one-off dinos (a few shown below) - all available on the GH website now:
One-off Bronto-clops - on the Grasshut site now!
One-off T-clops - in the Grasshut shop now!

One-off Anklyoclops #3 - on the Grasshut site now!


One of the biggest toy/model events EVER takes place twice a year - near Tokyo.  I was able to attend with a box of goodies - just before departing Japan for my summer travels.  Highlights of my little bundle of toy love included:

RAMPAGE x GRUMBLE TOY  Lilth and Wormrah

Orange vinyl version of the Cyclops Dinos (this version will also be up for sale at next week's Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention)
Summer Festival Dinos!

RAMPAGE x Ilanena "Girly UU"  (Blythe Eyes!).  One of these guys made his way into my own shop - here:
Ilanena's Girly UU's

AKIBA One Up 'Pandemonium' Exclusives.  The monthly showig of custom sofubi at the Akihabara One Up shop has been a fun venue a couple times now!  I released another Manotaur custom as well as the next batch of cyclops dinos - Sea Slug colors on Purple vinyl :-) Pandemonium Pandemonium

Coming up next is prep for a little shindig in LA, and then some traveling in Europe and THEN New York Comic Con!!!!  Lots of BIG plans for that - YAY!

Thanks for having a look folks!  More to follow in the coming week or so ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ummm...yeah - that's tomorrow... I'll be dropping a bundle of blank vinyl, and some painted stuff in the RAMPAGE SHOP on Thursday (7/12) at around 8PM EST. This is what I'm calling:
'Can't go to SDCC - here's some cool stuff you CAN get!'
Here's a glimpse:

And here's what will actually be up:
-Blank (unpainted) bright green Ugly Unicorns
-Blank solid-green dino sets (same green as the SDCC painted release)
-Blank NEON green RAMPAGE x Kikkake elephants and bears
-Painted neon green RAMPAGE x Kikkake elephants and bears (same colors that will be at the Dragatomi booth).
-Perhaps a surprise or two

Also, there are still things left from last weeks double release!


Goto-san UU's
Gotto-san x RAMPAGE

Blurble UU's
Blurble UU's!

Thanks for checking in! Buying toys is GREAT therapy for not being able to make it to SDCC :-D

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Color Samples are UP for the Cyclops-dinos! Head on over to the shop to pre-order yours in the colors of you choosing ^_^ T-CLOPS! ANKLYO-CLOPS BRONTO-CLOPS!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


OK folks!  Pre-order for the new vinyl is up!  You can grab a set or individual figures.  Just head on over to the ol' BigCartel and choose your Cyclops Dinos!  Here are pictures of the test pulls in vinyl - the colors swatch shows the various colors that are available for order:
PRE-ORDER UP! PRE-ORDER UP! I also just got word that color samples are on their way to me now! I'll update the listing with those once they arrrive. More toys next week as well! Lots to update as my first year iun Japan comes to a close - BUSY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A bit late to be posting this on the blog, since things are already in full swing, and actual VINYL is coming THIS WEEK - but better late than never!!!
The newest RAMPAGE sofubi is coming!!!  There will be three new figures - DINOSAURS + CYCLOPS = CYCLOPS DINOS!!!  Presenting: "T-clops," "Bronto-clops" and "Anklyo-clops."  Here are the Clay sculpts:

Group Shot!

More pics of the clay prototypes can be seen HERE (Flickr set).

About a week ago I also receied images of the wax prototypes (used to make the steel master molds).  I do so love the progress of making all this stuff, and I like to share too!  Here are the three figures in Wax:

Anklyo-clops! This guy is articulated at the neck and the tail. The back ('shell/carapace') is also a separate part - this facilitates the pulling of the figure from the mold, and also makes painting and mixing parts more fun ^_^
Waxy Anklyo!

Bronto-clops! Articulated at the base of the neck and the hbase of the head - making the head more poseable, and, again, good for mixing the parts up. This also leaves me with 2 different joints that could potentially fit parts from other figures in the future ;) Waxy Bronto!

T-clops! Articulates at the head and the little itt-bitty vestigial arms! The arms are less than 1/2 inch long!
Waxy Rex!

As I mentioned, vinyl is actually up really soon, so I'll be updating about these guys as soon as I can!  I will be offering a pre-order for blank orange, green (bright green!) and purple vinyl once I have images of the test pulls from the molds!  The option wwill also be offered to mix parts - mixed to your specifications for eeach of the little guys!  Keep an eye on the blog and Flickr for updates and new images!

One last thing - SDCC is coming FAST!  Fingers crossed there will be a nice little bundle of RAMPAGE TOYS in the mix over there!  Updates to follow ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey Folks!

In an effort to offer some Uamou Custom goodness to all the people who weren't able to attend my show in March (at Studio Uamou - covered in an earlier post) - I will be launching "RAMPAGE x UAMOU PART 2" in my webshop this Friday!!!

This new "show" will feature custom Uamous (by me), Custom Ugly Unicorns (by Uamou) and a couple small paintings (by both me AND Uamou!).  All items will be available for purchase in the RAMPAGE BigCartel shop ( starting Friday 6/15 at 11 AM here in Japan (which, btw, is 10PM Eastern Standard Time in the States).  Here's the goods:

Pen and Acrylics on Canvas "Meeting on Another Planet at Dawn"

Metallic Neon Uamou RxU

Uamou custom Ugly Unicorns!!! Uamou UU's

Neon Glow Micro Uamou RxU

Blue-star Uamou and Boo (on clear blue sofubi!) RxU

"Horned Beasts" - gouache on Paper Horned Beasts!

See you on Friday!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Collaborations in the Works!

Hey Folk!
When did I write last?... I forget :-/

Anyhow, been back at it for a couple weeks now - painting some Uamous (catching up on a big batch of pre-orders from March's show at Studio Uamou), updating the shop and getting to work on some great new collaborations!  I'm super psyched to be able to many so many people's sofubi!  It's especially great because I I have awesome stuff to do while I wait for my own vinyl to be pulled at the factory (delays, delays...).

So, without further blabbering - photos!



4 versions of Killer J's "Starpet" - all neon and metallics, all on GID vinyl.  These are dropping on June 9th via Killer J's website/blog.  Information about buying these guys is here:

And then a little WAAAAY early tease of something for July :-P 


RAMPAGE x FRENZY - work in progress of course...

More on these guys at a later date.

And much more to come too - another update tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I'm traveling a bit these last couple weeks - lots of pictures on my Instagram (under the user name jmrampage - in case you're also addicted to that insta-thingy like me :-P )
Next up in the RAMPAGE TOYS world is DESIGN FESTA 35 - at the Odaib Big Site in Tokyo!!!  The event will be head this coming Saturday and Sunday (5/12-5/13), opening at 11 AM both days.  I will have oodles of stuff, including some new prints, and a couple new painted runs of sofubi.  The two things I'm bringing excluisvely to DF are these:

Design Festa UU's

RAINBOW HAIR Ugly Unicorns!  Some color-intensive spray on these guys :-)


RAMPAGE x CHIMA GROUP pearly-rainbowy Bollos!  Yeah - the name says it all.

If you're in Tokyo, I hope you can make it out to the event - should be a good time!  You can find me on the first floor in booth E17 or E18 (a few of us are splitting a space - in those two booths).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Next Monday (4/30/2012) is Superfestival 59 in Tokyo! I'm PSYCHED!

I'll be in a big ol' shared space with Ilanena, Fig-lab, Shirahama and (for part of the day) Chima Group! Should be some good times!

Of course I tried to pull together a formidable array of painted toys - I hope I accomplished that goal! Here are pictures:

First release of the Manotaur! 5 sets of "Companion Monsters" - Manotaur + UU Companions

Peter Kato Resin Ninja Cats - RAINBOW Ninja Cats! Sets of 5 mini-figures each. Peter Kato X Rampage

RAMPAGE x Chima Group Amedas RAMPAGE x Chima Group

RAMPAGE x Ilanena Penguin Metrobayakan RAMPAGE x ILANENA

Blue X-ray Uamous!!!

I'll also have whole bundle of stuff that Kikkake gave me to paint - bears, elephants, Kellerman, Gekko, Goccodo poo dudes! The works! And, of course, some stand-alone Ugly Unicorns ;) Most of the new Ugly Unicorns will be at Design Festa on may 13th and 14th, so expect a BIG update about those guys soon!

Hope to see some of you at SF59!