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Friday, December 14, 2018

RAMPAGE Instagram Photo CONTEST!

Hello out there in the interworlds!

Having recently reached 9,000 followers on instagram (after over 7 years of posting too much and browsing too much, but generally having fun doing so!), I figure it's time for another RAMPAGE PHOTO CONTEST - just like a few years ago.

So, it's happening NOW - and here's all the info you need to know:

Thanks everyone for all your support since I started using this Instagram thing in 2011!   For funsies, starting now and going through next Thursday (12/20), let’s do this photo contest thing to see who will win some (still TBD) rad #rampagetoys goodies!   To enter:

***post a photo (to your instagram feed) of your RAMPAGE TOYS figure(s), collection or some of your ORIGINAL artwork of any RAMPAGE character(s)
***toys and/or character must be RAMPAGE creations - NOT customs of other people’s work that I painted at some point
***you may post a new picture to your feed EVERY DAY!  
***each picture you want entered must be marked with the following tags:  #rampagetoyscontest2018 #rampagetoys

You don’t need to follow me to enter. This isn’t some obnoxious ‘follow and repost’ thing.  I hope this just gets people to post some fun pictures and/or art!

How to win:

***next Friday I will choose my personal top 10 photos
***my chosen top 10 will be posted to my feed and will have around 24 hours (give or take) to accumulate ‘likes’
***the people responsible for the top 3 most liked pictures will get prizes, which I will ship out at my convenience (holidays and all, it could take a bit).

Ready, GO!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RAMPAGE TOYS at DesignerCON 2018 - in Anaheim, CA!

Hey Hey!

So, I'm all packed up and soon to hop on a flight bound for Sunny California! 

First of all, gotta say it - I hope any and all of my people out there are safe and well.  This whole wild fire thing is crazy, and terrifying, and it's even a little bit intimidating to be flying out that way with all that's going on.  Please stay safe people.  (Being Alive) > (Toys and Stuff) !!!!

So, with that said, it's time to get to the Nitty Gritty of what I'll have with me at DCON.

Preview Night (this Friday, 11/162018, from 5-9PM) at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934):

I will have some but not nearly all of my items available for purchase on Preview Night.  Those of you who are in the Ugly Club who come and see me on Preview night will have early access to all of my items.  Please come by the Clutter Magazine booth, where I will be set up with Preview Night goods.

Saturday (11/17), Morning Sales at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934).  I will be set up for the morning (until noon or so) with the following items:

-Grem X - release run on bubblegum pink Vinyl with Doll Eyes - $140 each (comes header carded with Wax Pack card pack)

-1-Off Penetrator X -  3 of these RT x American Gross x Skullheadbutt figures - each unique - $200 each

-Assorted Painted OG Ugly Unicorns - $30 each

-RT x Konatsuya Ugly Onicorn - release run on clear orange with Glitter vinyl - $40 each

-Snack Packs - Painted Clear Purple with glitter vinyl - $40/set of 2 figures

-Hulk Henan - $20

-Micro Pigumon - he's SUPER TINY - painted GID vinyl - $10 each

-Mecha-TOFU - release run of Robo-TOFU  (RT x Devil Robots) on grey vinyl with Mecha Goji Colors - $25 each

-A LOT OF ASSORTED PAINTED and UNPAINTED MICROS!  These will include:  Micro Ugly Unicorns (Naoya Ikeda Sculpt), Shaggy Little Unicorns, Random mash-up weirdos (worm babies, Doggycorns, Hop Horsies, etc) amongst others.  $10-$15 per painted figure

-VAG Kesagake Armored Division!  Remark paints on VAG Kesagake riding rampage micro TANK sofubi.  Assorted colors (some available on preview night) - $20 each


Saturday (11/17),  Afternoon 1 hour session at the SPLURRT Booth (#247).  I will be at Joe's booth for the hour or so following his lottery sales session.  During that time, I will have:

-Blank Black Uglier Unicorns - $25 each

-TO Paint Ugliers - Black base vinyl with silver and red paint apps - $30 each

-Perhaps some other goodies (Goji anyone?)

ALSO - I will have stuff at the BLITZKRIEG TOYS booth - Booth #2729!  Actually the booth is going to be big old pile of awesome people with Awesome stuff, and I'm simplifying it by calling it the Blitzkrieg Toys' booth, but, well, the stuff I have there is a collaboration between myself and Blitzkrieg Toys, and so that's what I'm calling it!

At the booth, on the release schedule determined by Brandon (Blitzkrieg Toys):

ASSORTED PAINTED DOOMKOPF-X!  These'll be priced at $120-$150 each, and will come in 3 or 4 (or more) variant versions.  The figure features the Skullheadbutt Zombie X body and the head from the Doomkopf sofubi.  Radness!

I don't have a schedule for when I'll be at booth 2729, but I just might set up there at times and will share to instagram if I do.

Sunday (11/18), Morning Sales at the CLUTTER MAGAZINE Booth (#934).  I will be set up for the morning (until noon or so) with any items I have remaining after Friday and Saturday sales.  Sunday is OPEN AVAILABILITY on all items I'm selling - as many as you want.

SOME GENERAL GUIDELINES for a fun time buying RAMPAGE stuff:

***CASH IS KING!  If yo can please not pay me with $100 bills, that would be greatly appreciated.  Paypal payments are not out of the question, but might result in having to wait until there is a calm time to do so.

**If there is a line, please be patient and respectful, and please wait for your turn.  Each customer will have the same chill and relaxed shopping experience this way.  I'm not a robot - it's ok to chat! 

**Generally speaking everyone can buy 1 of each item available when they visit my sales location.  In some cases where there are various versions of a single figure, I will decide the quantities available per person on a case by case basis.  Aside from the SUNDAY OPEN SALES, no exceptions will be made, so please do not ask to buy all of something (or other such crazy requests as I've had in the past).

**Don't be a dick!  Always an important part of life - but especially in this case because THEY ARE TOYS PEOPLE!

If you're coming to the show, and we've interacted before, please say 'hi!'  I look forward to meeting you!

See you all soon!


p.s. please check out my instagram for pictures of A LOT of the above losted stuff - WAY too many to share here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Lottery to purchase the RT Paint 'Tree Frog Playset' Version of Chen's Gamarah Sofubi Figure is open NOW through this Friday AM.  Here are the details:

Set Includes: 1 Tree Frog Gamarah (marbled green/yellow/black glitter sofubi base), 2 (random base colors) painted 'Snack' Omake and 1 painted Worm omake.

Price: $240 (plus $15 shipping within the USA and $50 shipping everywhere else)

To Enter: Send an email to with the subject line 'TREE FROG GAMARAH.'  In the text of the email include:  Name, correct shipping address, phone number.

Other Details:  Only 1  entry per household please.  Lotto winners will be notified on Friday.  Payment must be completed within 24 hours of winning notice.  If you win an are unable to make the payment, please tell me so that I can offer the figure to another person.  Lastly:




Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Shop Drop! 8/23/2018 - 12 NOON EST!

Hey Hey!

Will have a few choice items in the webshop tomorrow at Noon.  Feature drop is the RAMPAGE x CAST 'SPACE MICE!'  These Dudes are SUPER Saturday morning cartoon looking.

These figures feature RT x Splurrt Labmice heads, Copasquat bodies and RAMPAGE paint, and each also includes a 'familiar drone-bot' - which is the OG CAST figure's head conjoined with an RT mini tank (vaguely old school Rogue Trader inspired).

Figures will come in teleportation (plastic) tube with a smattering of buttons, stickers and other goodies as well.

I will also be loading up a few choice unpainted items that are just in from Tokyo.  A few Green Bear Battle Sets and GID micro sets (featuring the new micro Ugly Unicorn and the RT x Grumble Toy micros).

New items will go live at Noon EST tomorrow (8/23/2018).  Thanks for looking!  -RT

Wednesday, August 8, 2018



Announcing the new painted release ( it's been a while!) of the RAMPAGE Kaibutsuya 'Two Toed Tom' Sofubi.

Tom stands about 9 inches tall and almost as long.  He is articulated at the head, arms and waist, and he comes with 1 3-inch tall (2 part) snack omake.  The base vinyl for Tom is neon green Japanese Sofubi, featuring assorted metallic sparays and brushwork.  The omake is painted on a pearl red base.  The snacks will be male OR female - by random assortment.

Here's the details for the lotto:

LOTTO START:  8/9/2018 at start of day (internationally)

LOTTO CLOSES: 8/10/2018 at 10AM EST

PRICE: $150 plus shipping (to be paid within 24 hours of winning notice - payment by PayPal).  Shipping to be $10 within USA and $30 everywhere else.  Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

TO ENTER:  Send an email to  with subject line "TWO TOED TOM."  Please include your name and address in the email. 
WINNING ANNOUNCEMENTS: emails will be sent out on Friday (mid morning EST).


And, for those unaware - Tom is based on an allegedly REAL Alligator that wreaked havoc in the American Southeast - and that might even still be alive today.  You can find many stories online about this 'Demon Gator' - including a Wikipedia page.  One page worth a read is here:

Hope you're all surviving this Summer heat!  Yowza!


Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Hey Folks!

Summer events are fast approaching!

July 21st is the big day this year - the day of the SECOND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL RAMPAGE DAY!

There will be 2 events on that day:

Event #1) SUMMER SLIME 2 with Bwana Spoons and Paul Kaiju at the old GUNZO store in Old Town, San Diego!

Please RSVP HERE for this year's SUMMER SLIME event.

RSVP-ing gives us a measure on how much food and beverage and how many toys to bring for the hungry masses.  

I will be out in Sunny San Diego for this event, and am psyched to see you all and hang out!  This year I will be doing sales simultaneously with Paul and Bwana, so I will have more of a chance to eat Tacos and enjoy some brews.  All of the necessary info about the event location, times, etc. can be found on PAUL KAIJU'S website

Event #2) RAMPAGE DAY at Vintage and Vinyl Club in Hong Kong!

I have sent over a big old box of goodies for RAMPAGE DAY at VVC this year - even more than last year, and I think even BETTER!  Please have a look at the RT and VVC Instagram pages for all sorts of teasers.  I'll have to put together a promo image for this year's show - and will update here as soon as I do.

Hope you are all staying cool and having fun this Summer!


Thursday, May 31, 2018


Hey Hey Hey!

I'll be at Five Points Festival this weekend!  The RAMPAGE Booth is booth #326 - I'll be sharing the space with GUUMON.

I'll have a bit of everything - small and large -  for this thing.  Prices are listed below for the stuff that I can say for sure I will have.  Probably a few extras getting tossed in my bags tomorrow when I head into NYC.


OG Ugly Unicorn (with sticker and card set) - $30 each
Uglier Unicorns (asssorted) - $30-40 each
Ugly Onicorns - $40 each
Snack Packs (blank clear purple w/glitter) - $30/set
Constructicon Destroyer Robo-unicorns - $30 each
Hulk Bunny Bear Fighters - $10 each
Micro My Little Unicorns - $10 each
Mixed parts (assorted) Pigumon w/painted micro Pigumon - $50 each
Unpainted clear purple w/glitter Morel Black - $60
Some wierdo SHB mash-ups - $40 each
Alien Hunter X - $200
Cyclops X (hawaii color) - $120
Painted Grem X micro run- $160
Blank Grem X - $90
Penetrator X micro run - $160

Collabs RT Paint stuff:

Science Patrol Clawson - $20 each
Fluffy Negora - $60 each
Art Junkie Calm Cat (Space Cat V2.0) - $30 each
Chokehzrd Toxic Cyclops (Tropical Cyclops - blind bagged assorted but similar versions) - $160 each


*CASH PREFERRED!  I will accept Paypal for larger purchases IF there are no people waiting behind you.  If there is a line, you will have to wait to process Paypal, and your payment must clear prior to my handing off your items.  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR BRINGING CASH, AND FOR NOT PAYING WITH 100 DOLLAR BILLS WHEN BUYING INEXPENSIVE STUFF!

*All sales are first come first served

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Only buy what you want to buy, and if you are Muling, only buy what you've been asked to buy.

*Be respectful of those around you and of those ahead of you in lines/waits. 

*SATURDAY: 1 of each item per household.  NO, your kids, wife, cousins or extended family cannot buy a second figure.  

*SUNDAY: open sales on all remaining items.  No limits.  

I know this event will be a bit wild, as there are a lot of highly sought after items in attendance.  So, please let's all remember that these are collectibles and that this is a hobby and that this should be fun.  

Thanks in advance to all who come out!  It should be a good time!

See ya'll out there!

Booth #326

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Hey Hey!

Random update about a release I think people will be psyched about!

Thousand Toys (Toys to Art) will be selling a new version of the RAMPAGE TOYS Ultra Kaiju Series' Pigumon THIS FRIDAY!

This guy:

This dude is the first painted GID release of this figure.  Alas, the sale will be for Japan only, but I'm sure those of you who know this monster toy business will have a way around that road block.

Drop will be this Friday (4/20) here:

Not 100% sure about the time of the release....  best to check ye ol' Instagram.

While I'm typing here I might as well say some other stuff --->

This Friday will also see the public release of some pretty pretty Aurora (holographic) glitter figures AND new Ugly Club enrollment - in the RAMPAGE webshop.  Drop will be up around 10 AM.  There are lots of glitter dudes available, and the Ugly Club slots will be available through Next Monday, or until they are all gone.  I'm trying to sort out T-shirts to order for this, but not 100% sure what/if, so I'm not 100% sure about pricing to join.  It'll be a toy, goodies and stuff bundle.  Current club members will also be able to order the shirts if they wish too (IF I get them sorted out!).

Ok, that's a lot of ifs.  Enough for now!

Thanks for reading.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Double Post Day. Post #2. NEW Release of the RT x Medicom Toy Godzilla!

Wasting no time!  Here's some more info for you to read whilst delaying work and other tasks that 'you should be doing' 😋

Coming soon is the newest release off the RAMPAGE x MEDICOM TOY Shoudai (aka Original) Godzilla!

This version of the figure is painted as an homage to the vintage Bullmark Hawaii Godzilla Colorway.  The base is a light flesh color (typical of the type used in most doll manufacturing facilities), which is coated extensively with a sky blue color and then accented with silver sprays.

As you can see in the above photos, I painted a few figures in an attempt to best match the blue that is found on the original Bullmark figures.  Trouble is, it's not so easy to know if I'm matching the 'real' original color or if I'm just matching the color as its come to look after the many many years of aging.  In the end though I went for the middle ground (figure in the center of the pics).

I have a collector to thank for the photo references of the vintage figure as well as discussions about the final choice on which blue suits the homage best.  So - thanks man - you know who you are.

The release will be an open order, with the figures shipping by the end of July.  Order window is 3/24 through 4/30/2018.

All release info is now available in numerous Japanese Publications, including the Sofubi Tokyo Blog, and the upcoming issue of Hyper Hobby.  This release is limited to sales within Japan, so you will need to find an assist if you are unable to use a Japanese address.  

I'm hoping to offer an AP release of this version as I did with the first release.  Time will tell though.

Well, thats all the typing I have in me for the day.  Hope you've enjoyed!


Double Post Day. Post #1 VAG Kesagake!

As per usual, the regular blog updating went on vacation...

Back now! 

As many of you will have seen by now, The RAMPAGING BEAR (Kesagake) has found its way into assorted and numerous retail locations in a teeny tiny gachapon size - for the MEDICOM TOY Vinyl Artist Gacha Series!

There are 5 versions of the figure available - all are colors based off of actual releases of the original large figure.  Releases that are represented include:

*Pink - DCON 2016 Hawaii Color Release

*Yellow - 2016 MEDICOM TOY Exclusive Open Pre-order Red King Color

*White - 2015 Medicom TOY Exclusive Rampaging Polar Bear Color

*Black - SUFES 9/2014 - Debut Release Color

*Red - RT Mailing list Exclusive RAMPAGE Color

These are currently available in stores (listed on the Medicom website) and via some online shops.  I am aiming to get a handful of sets soon for release in my own shop - Hopefully!

Now on to Blog post #2!

Monday, March 5, 2018


This week will see the release of a limited AP drop of the 1st release Rampage X Medicom Toy Shoudai Godzilla!

Each figure has been retouched with slightly brighter sprays and fresh brushwork.  Each is also signed and numbered, and comes packaged with RAMPAGE GODZILLA postcard art by Bwana Spoons.  The headers have each received a numbered RT Logo lable.

Just 10 of these AP versions available  they will be sold 1 per customer on a first come first served basis.  Drop is scheduled for 10 AM (EST - New York Time) on Wednesday, 3/7/2018.

Sunday, January 21, 2018