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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hey There!

Black Friday sales are all over the place, but the only one that REALLY matters - and the only one that is the mostest awesomest - is the BLACK DINO FRIDAY release going on over on the Toys R Evil Webshop!

Collaborative release with Andy of Toys R Evil - who came  up with the vision for this painted version - these dinos feature greyscale sprays and details with some neon colored eyes!  You can check out the listing over on the Toys R Evil website, here:

These will be listed as 'coming soon' until BLACK DINO FRIDAY starts on November 23rd!  I'm a bit confused as to the release time - but it should be cleared up on Andy's site, and I'm sure it will be tweeted and all that fancy technology stuff.  These guys will be painted to order - and I expect to be shipping them of in mid to late December.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

After NYCC and Design Festa!

Hey Folks!

It's been months since I've updated the RAMPAGE BigCartel.  Well - today was the day!  After a great time at NYCC and then Design Festa here in Tokyo (the last 2 days), it was due time to take some pictures and to sit down in front of the computer.  Head on over to the ol' Shoppe and see whats available - oodles of stuff!

Among the various vinyl and resin figures, I'm excited to launch a new item - SUPER LUCKY SECRET BAG dinos!  In each bag you get a chance at one of 8 (or is it more?...  :-P) solid blank or mixed parts dinos and there's also a super secret chase "Neon Metallic" Dogosaur!  $13.13 per bag!  Time to make a heard of dinos!


Also available now - an assortment of painted dino sets! 

Dino Set Assortment