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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Super Excited for this upcoming show (Opens next Friday - 1.29.2016) at FEWMANY in the Marui Annex Building in Shinjuku - TOKYO!

OODLES of goodies in store - for example:

-Custom Revenge Kesagake (as yet to be determined super ultra special versions!)
-Micro run of the OG Kesagake
-Tons of painted and Blank micros (and Gacha Gacha) - including UNICORN TANKS!
-Painted and blank Dinos - both the older dudes and newer ones!
-Asssorted ccustom-ness
-RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA Dai-Negora micro-run
-Asssorted other stuff


-All sorts of retrospective-esque header art, event posters and that sort of cool stuff to cover the space's walls!  Will feature art by Walter Parenton, Joseph Harmon, Justin Hillgrove, Art Junkie, and, of course - ME!

I'm going to try and be in the space in the evening on opening night - maybe with some stuff in hand.  I'll also be in on Saturday, 1.30, for a while - I think!  Details on when I'll be there will be shared via Instagram and Facebook.  If things sell out, I'll try and get more in, but WONFES is the weekend after this gig opens, so, um, yeah- I'll try!

See you there!