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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Local Retailers Carrying RAMPAGE TOYS!

Hey TOY People!

So, the newset development from the world of Rampage Toys is an increase in retail availability. In other words: RAMPAGE TOYS are out in stores now!

Check out the following shops in Seattle where you can get all sorts of rad stuff including RAMPAGE TOYS.

Schmancy Toys - Downtown Seattle

Gifted - Ballard
Check them out at:

Atomic Boys - West Seattle (this site is under construction)

This first edition of the Rampage line is super limited. There will be less than 40 total of the rampaging snack-food monsters anywhere IN THE WHOLE WORLD! So, snatch 'em up and put them on the shelf next to whatever other awesomeness you're currently collecting. E-mail me for direct requests!