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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Hey Hey!

Random update about a release I think people will be psyched about!

Thousand Toys (Toys to Art) will be selling a new version of the RAMPAGE TOYS Ultra Kaiju Series' Pigumon THIS FRIDAY!

This guy:

This dude is the first painted GID release of this figure.  Alas, the sale will be for Japan only, but I'm sure those of you who know this monster toy business will have a way around that road block.

Drop will be this Friday (4/20) here:

Not 100% sure about the time of the release....  best to check ye ol' Instagram.

While I'm typing here I might as well say some other stuff --->

This Friday will also see the public release of some pretty pretty Aurora (holographic) glitter figures AND new Ugly Club enrollment - in the RAMPAGE webshop.  Drop will be up around 10 AM.  There are lots of glitter dudes available, and the Ugly Club slots will be available through Next Monday, or until they are all gone.  I'm trying to sort out T-shirts to order for this, but not 100% sure what/if, so I'm not 100% sure about pricing to join.  It'll be a toy, goodies and stuff bundle.  Current club members will also be able to order the shirts if they wish too (IF I get them sorted out!).

Ok, that's a lot of ifs.  Enough for now!

Thanks for reading.