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Monday, April 7, 2014

London Bound!

Hey People!

RAMPAGE TOYS is heading to London this week, and is set to attend this Saturday's London Toy Con!  I will be at  booth #16 with my buddy TRU:TEK.  If you have been keeping an eye on Instagram and/or Facebook, you'll have noticed the various reveals of the collabs and exclusives I will have in tow.  There are A LOT!  Since I'm only accepting Cash for the event, I wanted to get a price list up here on the ol' blog - so people can come prepared with the pounds they need.  MOST of the stuff listed is in the above photo, but some things are not, and still others will be a surprise ^_^

So, here's the skinny on what I'll have on the table (followed by approximate prices in GBP):

RAMPAGE OG figures:
-Toycon Pink and Turquoise 'squishy dinos' - 30
-Micro UU and My Little Unicorn set (GID vinyl) - 15
-Assorted blank micros and Ugly Unicorns - 5~20
-Red shiny Lab Mice (limited to 10 sets) - 35
-Various Ugly Unicorn and Gachapon Goblin customs by the likes of Refreshment Toys, Uamou and Blobpus - 35~

RAMPAGE handpaint collaborative releases:
- x SPLURRT Usir (edition of 10, clear vinyl with with vinyl insert, internal and external paint) - 45
- x SPLURRT Evolved Beast Diggler (Edition of 4, green vinyl base) - 70
- x UKY DAYDREAMER Octrien (20, yellow base vinyl) - 12
- x UKY x SHIMOMOKU (20, black base vinyl) - 18
- x Konatsuya Shibara and Negora set (Edition of 10, white base vinyl) - 50
- x KROTPONG - KILLER KRAMPUS sample for pre-order (limited to 7 orders) - 75
- x UAMOU - various one-offs and a micro run of 3 'Rainy Day London Uamous' - 25~
-A few one-off customs (eg. Negora, Whooper Looper) - price TBD

Exclusives from other Makers:
-COJICA Toys Monoclon (white - limited to 10 at Toycon) - 35
-Galaxy People (release TBD - price TBD)
-Various AWESOME exclusives from Refreshment Toys (cats, ice cream - lots!) - 25~30

-2 VERY special one-of-a-kind figures from the hands of Cosmo Knight Alpha's YODA-san. 
-RAMPAGE one-off Sludge Demon (only managed one to bring)

Oodles of RAMPAGE x TARANTULAS (Nibbler) mash-ups - all painted by me!  Keep an eye on the TARANTULAS website and such for teasers/updates, and come EARLY to snag the good stuff ^_^

That's about all (I think!).  Hope to meet a bunch of people there!  As always, I'll try and get things online as soon as posssible if there are things remaining, but since I'll be in London, it might be a bit pof a wait.  Please hop on the mailing if you want to be up to date on the left-over situation ^_-