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Monday, March 15, 2010

SkullyBoom PVC Entry!

Hallo Leute! (That's 'Hey guys' in German...)

So, last month Lief over at Delicious Drips invited me to take part in the Skullyboom PVC (Poly-Vinyl Cranium) show/contest; so of course I jumped on it - despite the somewhat short notice. I was asked to choose a Skullyboom DIY skully and make some magic happen ;-) The result: "Octo's New Home"!!!! This toy was inspired by a small acrylic painting I did - some time back - of a little purple octopus - 'Octo.' Now octo has taken up residence inside a glow in the dark skull! He's even got some barnacles and a starfish to keep him company. YAY!
If you've got a moment, please head on over to the following link and vote for 'Octo's New Home'! It's quick and easy :-)
This guy was sculpted onto using armatron wire, Super Sculpey and Kneadatite, masked and splattered with spray paint, then finished off with many many layers of acrylic paints, washes and inks - plus a little glow in the dark paint on the eye. I'm psyched on the results! The tentacles feel like they have good movement going on, and the GID plastic contrasts well with the purple tentacles - don't you think? Enough chatter - here are the pics!

The requisite Toy-Full-Frontal-Shot! YAR!

Detail of the eye and skin texture - that's 5+ layers of purple and pink!


He GLOWS!!!!
Thanks for checking in! As always, there are lot of things going on in the RAMPAGE TOYS universe. I'll be releasing some print art for sale soon, and designs are near complete on a production plastic toy that will be manufacture in the USA!!! That's right - keeping it national! Head on over to the RAMPAGE TOYS flickr page for updates and A LOT more RAMPAGE TOYS and ART!