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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello Peoples!

Well, now that Seattle has reverted to full blown poo weather (as is the case during most of the Fall and Winter months), many of us Seattleites are retreating to our warm abodes and doing things like watching movies, reading books and MAKING ART!

Halloween brought with it the annual punkin carvin' fun, and here's what RAMPAGE TOYS (in collaboration with Lizzie - my ever patient wife) came up with:

Aside from holiday festivity, I've been wrapping up work on a custom toy that has been more or less sitting in the planning phase for 6 months (yeah, toy making takes the back burner to much needed sunshine in the summer and early fall months!). And here it is: a ROCKET WORLD I.W.G. Baby-Cubs Custom!!!!!!!!!! (

This baby panda is almost 100% flocked, so he's soft and cuddly. BUT DON'T BE FOOLED! HE'LL GOUGE YOUR EYE OUT! YIKES! But seriously, the toy is based with acrylics, and then flocked with like color flocking powder of varying textures. The muzzle is done with a particularly coarse material (intended for architectural model use) to give this guy a gnarly bearded look. The eyeball was painted using gloss acrylics. SCARY! (that's what my wife thinks...). Enjoy the photos, and don't forget to e-mail if you want a rad custom handmade by RAMPAGE TOYS!!!!