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Thursday, May 2, 2019


Yup.  Best Show on Earth is coming up at Clutter Gallery, and AKAMATSU will be there in the flesh! 

Show opens on 5/11 during Beacon's Second Saturday Artwalk.  Opening time is 6PM.  Closes at 9.  Sales will be by ticketed lottery, so it's going to be random luck of the draw for purchase order kids.

Number of pieces per person will probably be determined by the crowd size.  There are A LOT of AMAZING figures for this show.  Basically the entire range of SKULLHEADBUTT figures ever made are on offer - as 1-offs mostly.  There are also some SUUUUPER beautifully painted Karzworks 1-offs, a whole bundle of long out of production minis and some MARMIT Godzilla awesomeness to boot.  You'll have to come out to see what all will be there, but here's a little taste of some of the SKULLHEADBUTT magic:

The new Clear with guts action and the new heads and arms - BONKERS!!!!!



p.s. I have also made a fair amount of stuff for this show  - including my own SHB figures and some of my other original stuff.  I will be selling micros out of my tote bag on opening night, so bring those 10's and 20's - CASH ONLY!

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