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Monday, July 10, 2017

RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA "Tiger Daiho Negora" Lottery to Purchase

Hey Hey!

Lots of event stuff coming up, but figured it was due time that I get these Tiger fellahs out there, as I've had the vinyl on hand for way to long!

So, here's the announcement for the Lottery to Purchase the RT Painted RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA Tiger Daiho Negora:

Price: $250 (PLUS applicable shipping rate - calculated prior to invoicing)

Lottery Entry Starts: NOW

Lottery Entry Ends: Thursday AM (EST)

Winners Announced: Thursday (payment due within 12 hours after I send out winning notifications - ONLY winners will be emailed)



Send an email to:

Email Subject MUST BE:  Tiger Daiho Negora Lottery Entry

Email Body must include:  Your Name, Your CORRECT shipping address, Your phone number

I will email winners with a total owed, including shipping, and the Paypal email to which funds will need to be sent.

Good luck to all who enter!


p.s. Summer Slime RAMPAGE offerings and prices will be posted here by the end of this week.  Hope to see a bunch of you out there!

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