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Friday, July 14, 2017

SUMMER SLIME at GUNZO - July 22nd!


Next Saturday (7/22/2017) has shaped up to the first ever INTERNATIONAL RAMPAGE DAY!  The day will be filled with events around the world where you can get your mitts on some new RAMPAGE goodies!  Basically, the lack of on-line releases of late is a result of preparation for all of these events.  Online drops will resume later this Summer and into the Fall!

Anywho, this post is about SUMMER SLIME in Sandiego!

Here's the basic event info (copied from Paul Kaiju's Blog - in order to be 100% accurate):

Summer Slime

Join us after the Convention floor closes for SDCC Exclusive editions and mystery surprises. Refreshments will be served.
Saturday, July 22, 2017, hosted at the original Gunnzo location*.  2445 Juan St, San Diego CA 92110

Free tickets to enter the drawing to purchase figures will be distributed starting at 6:00pm
Ticket numbers called via random drawing at 7:30pm.

And here's OG RAMPAGE info about what I'll have (mostly), and stuff like that:

Sold by Raffle Sale:
-Kazumitsu Akamatsu (Marmit) Handpaint micro edition of Kesagake:  $250 each
-Selection of 1-off marbled Kesagake and Revenge Kesagake with 2 figure omake snack pack: $300 each
-Rotten X micro edition : $200 each
-Selection of 1-off RAMPAGE handpaint figures:  Prices TBD

Sold on first come first served basis:
-Grinning Hagball: $40 each
-GID Space Don (Gravy x RT Paleo Don with Jeff Body) Micro Edition: $60 each
-Summer Slime Woo (RAMPAGE Ultra Kaiju Series): $50 each
-Summer  Slime Pigumon (RAMPAGE Ultra Kaiju Series): $50 each
-Assorted RAMPAGE and RAMPAGE x Gravy mini and micro Sofubi (A LOT of different things – unicorns, Dungeons & Dungeons, Tanks, RT x Grumble Toy, etc.):  $10-$20 each
-Assorted other stuff - TBD

Cash is preferred, but I will also be accepting Paypal via mobile payment.  I don’t have a card reader, so if you don’t bring cash please come with your smartphone.  Assuming service should be fine in San Diego!

Hope to see a bunch of you peoples out there!  I'm excited to be involved this year, and cannot wait to chow down on some tacos and hit the beach!


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