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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Return of RAMPAGE at Clutter Gallery!

Hey Hey!

Well, it's been since last Fall that I've been an officially repatriated United Stateser.  It had to happen eventually:  A full blown RAMPAGE SOFUBI event!

The gracious hosts of this event: the most righteous CLUTTER GALLERY in Beacon, NY!

The Event has been dubbed "The Return of RAMPAGE" - with a nod to the Ultraman series with a similar name; "The Return of Ultraman."  The event poster is also a goofy take on the standard Return of Ultraman splash screen:

Basically, I'm back in 'merica, and ready to dive headlong into working and living here, and this show is my first foray into this effort.  I have put together a large (I think) body of new and old figures (some that will ONLY ever be released at this event and some that have not been released in years!), including a slew of 1-offs and a large selection of micro editions of figures big and small, cute and ugly, simple and detailed.

All figures in the show will be from the ranks of RAMPAGE production, and there will primarily be figures from my own mind in attendance, but there will also be a number of figures that represent collaborative efforts between myself and some of the greats, including:

GRAVY Toys (Bwana!)
Grumble Toy

There will also be a couple new T-shirts available, which I'm super psyched about.  Johan Ulrich (Deathcat Toys) and Joseph Harmon both did AMAZING illustrations that will be featured on the shirts, and Clutter's own Miranda created and awesome RAMPAGE Japanese text logo that will be on the shirt with Johan's design.  Yay!

The goal of this outing isn't to feed the online audience with a 'web drop' that could just as easily happen in my own webshop.  Though items not sold at the opening will  indeed make their way into the Clutter Gallery webshop, opening night sales will be available to attendees only.  This means that if you are a resident of the Northeast, or if you just know you want a certain figure in the show, that you'll have to come out and be (at least a bit) social, and, for cryin' out loud, say "hi"!!!

Sales method will be very similar to the way I ran my events in Tokyo - first come first served - sale by tickets - ticket number will represent the order in which attendees arrive.  So, if you'd like a good number, you'll want to get there early.  

Some things to note:
-Tickets will be handed out at a TBD time prior to the 6 O'clock opening time.
-Sale will begin sometime around/between 6:15 and 7:00 PM.  If it seems like people are hanging about and everyone is ready to start, then we will start.  We won't wait an undue amount of time to let people do thier shoppin.
-Sales start at #1 and go sequentially (1,2,3,4,5...etc.) from there
-Each person may choose up to 2 large figures and up to 1 each of figures from release runs or micros.  I'll be there to diffuse any confusion.
-Each person MAY ONLY BUY 1 RAMPAGE x MVH DX-based 1-off at the time their number is called.  These figures will represent the only time that this particular figure is planned to appear, and I do not want 1 or 2 people taking them all home.  
-Once all people with numbers have had a chance to select their purchases, sales will be open until closing time for purchase of any and all remaining items by any person in attendance.
-Packaged and 'ready to go' figures that are part of a larger release run will be available to take home on the night of the show.  Figures from smaller sized micro-runs, one-offs and some other things may not be available for immediate home-taking (that's a word-thing, right?)
-Online sale will commence in the day or 2 after the opening night.  These will be unlimited sales to whomever takes part.

So, here's looking forward to a fun night, a load of tasty Lagunita's brews and plenty of toy banter THIS COMING SATURDAY, 4/8 - at THE RETURN OF RAMPAGE!

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