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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey Folks!

In an effort to offer some Uamou Custom goodness to all the people who weren't able to attend my show in March (at Studio Uamou - covered in an earlier post) - I will be launching "RAMPAGE x UAMOU PART 2" in my webshop this Friday!!!

This new "show" will feature custom Uamous (by me), Custom Ugly Unicorns (by Uamou) and a couple small paintings (by both me AND Uamou!).  All items will be available for purchase in the RAMPAGE BigCartel shop ( starting Friday 6/15 at 11 AM here in Japan (which, btw, is 10PM Eastern Standard Time in the States).  Here's the goods:

Pen and Acrylics on Canvas "Meeting on Another Planet at Dawn"

Metallic Neon Uamou RxU

Uamou custom Ugly Unicorns!!! Uamou UU's

Neon Glow Micro Uamou RxU

Blue-star Uamou and Boo (on clear blue sofubi!) RxU

"Horned Beasts" - gouache on Paper Horned Beasts!

See you on Friday!!!

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