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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Collaborations in the Works!

Hey Folk!
When did I write last?... I forget :-/

Anyhow, been back at it for a couple weeks now - painting some Uamous (catching up on a big batch of pre-orders from March's show at Studio Uamou), updating the shop and getting to work on some great new collaborations!  I'm super psyched to be able to many so many people's sofubi!  It's especially great because I I have awesome stuff to do while I wait for my own vinyl to be pulled at the factory (delays, delays...).

So, without further blabbering - photos!



4 versions of Killer J's "Starpet" - all neon and metallics, all on GID vinyl.  These are dropping on June 9th via Killer J's website/blog.  Information about buying these guys is here:

And then a little WAAAAY early tease of something for July :-P 


RAMPAGE x FRENZY - work in progress of course...

More on these guys at a later date.

And much more to come too - another update tomorrow!

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