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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A bit late to be posting this on the blog, since things are already in full swing, and actual VINYL is coming THIS WEEK - but better late than never!!!
The newest RAMPAGE sofubi is coming!!!  There will be three new figures - DINOSAURS + CYCLOPS = CYCLOPS DINOS!!!  Presenting: "T-clops," "Bronto-clops" and "Anklyo-clops."  Here are the Clay sculpts:

Group Shot!

More pics of the clay prototypes can be seen HERE (Flickr set).

About a week ago I also receied images of the wax prototypes (used to make the steel master molds).  I do so love the progress of making all this stuff, and I like to share too!  Here are the three figures in Wax:

Anklyo-clops! This guy is articulated at the neck and the tail. The back ('shell/carapace') is also a separate part - this facilitates the pulling of the figure from the mold, and also makes painting and mixing parts more fun ^_^
Waxy Anklyo!

Bronto-clops! Articulated at the base of the neck and the hbase of the head - making the head more poseable, and, again, good for mixing the parts up. This also leaves me with 2 different joints that could potentially fit parts from other figures in the future ;) Waxy Bronto!

T-clops! Articulates at the head and the little itt-bitty vestigial arms! The arms are less than 1/2 inch long!
Waxy Rex!

As I mentioned, vinyl is actually up really soon, so I'll be updating about these guys as soon as I can!  I will be offering a pre-order for blank orange, green (bright green!) and purple vinyl once I have images of the test pulls from the molds!  The option wwill also be offered to mix parts - mixed to your specifications for eeach of the little guys!  Keep an eye on the blog and Flickr for updates and new images!

One last thing - SDCC is coming FAST!  Fingers crossed there will be a nice little bundle of RAMPAGE TOYS in the mix over there!  Updates to follow ;)

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