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Friday, September 10, 2010

NYCC Exclusive - and MORE!!!

Greetings all you Mega-Super Peoples!

In short - the RAMPAGE studio is finally up and running - and the projects are quickly piling up... This is a GOOD thing! After some fun at summer shows, and a fantastic month-long break from just about everything, I've finally dug back into the toy making biz and it's really really exciting! Here's the skinny on all things recent and AWESOME:

1)New York Comic Con Exclusive with Tenacious Toys! I'm working on an exciting piece for the October NYCC - The release of the long (and thoroughly) planned Kapukeeki Kaiju Toy! The toy will be released at the Tenacious Toys booth in the NYCC "Cultyard" - which will be the place to be for ALL things AWESOME in the toy world! Even better - I WILL BE ATTENDING, and you should too! I'm posting progress shots on Flickr, so you can keep and eye on the toy's progress, but what would this blog be without pictures of all mentioned projects -

2)SCHMANCY Exclusive Kapukeeki Kaiju Plush! September 1st saw the release of the first RAMPAGE TOYS Exclusive toy at Schmancy Toys in Downtown Seattle! Kristen Rask, the awesome owner and curator at Schmancy (, hosts some of the best artists around, and RAMPAGE TOYS is proud to have a presence in such an awesome shop! Check out the following shots and head over to the Schmancy webstore ( to get your plush fix today!

3)Promo Piece for the November "Art of Toys" resin show at Tasty Art Gallery in Seattle! Justin Hillgrove - of Imps and Monsters fame - and I have finally finished our sculpt and have cast our first piece for the "Art of Toys" show in November. This piece will be painted soon - to be completed by the 13th of this month for max-promo-exposure!!! Keep an eye out for more information - and be sure to put NOVEMBER 12th on you calendar for the opening during the Greenwood Art Walk at TASTY!

As always - thanks for checking in with the RAMPAGE BLOG! Be sure to stop by the Etsy shop ( and BigCartel ( to get your hands on some RAMPAGE toys and art!

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