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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Hey There!
If you're reading this, first of all - you rule! Second of all, glad you happened upon a new post; it's been a while...

But being busy means there is A LOT to report!

I recently took a trip to Portland and happened upon the 'Crafty Wonderland' show at the Portland Convention Center. There were HUNDREDS of super cool artists selling really great stuff! It was a good opportunity to talk to people about art, check out what's being done in the good ol' PNW art/craft scene and, of course, to buy some stuff! For example, this awesome hat made by 'moth & squirrel':

Yeah! That's Donatello on there!

Just prior to my trip to Portland, I had submitted a piece to Toy2R's 15th Anniversary Qeeology show (as mentioned in the 'breaking news' piece at the top of the blog), and here's the toy, Choco-Chip on a rampage, in all it's glory!!! :

There are many many more picture on the RAMPAGE TOYS Flickr Page, including many work in progress shots - so check it out! The original figure was a Earg Qee. I Sculpted the jowels and eyes, and modeled the teeth out of thin plastic card. The speckled paint was achieved by peppering (at a distance) with normal every-day spray paints - SPLATTER SPLATTER! The chocolate chips were individually sculpted and are 100% life sized! Each has his own little scared or confused expression :-)

Also in RAMPAGE TOYS news - NEW RESIN TOYS!!!! Yep, I've been lazy posting these guys, but here they are (finally) - the RAMPAGE TOYS' NACHTEULE!!!! Nachteule is German for 'Night Owl' (literally translated)... kind of a nick name I've acquired since I'm always up so late making stuff... I'm casting and painting various colorways for this figure, and here are the first three sets - including some that GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! YAY!!! I'm screen printing the header art on these guys, so you get two pieces of handmade artwork for each piece you buy! WOW! Some of the original colorways figures are on sale at MONSTER ART and CLOTHING in Ballard, but the rest won't be available until the Indie Banditas Show on June 26th and the Port Townsend American Legion Hall. Be there!

The Original Colorway! Edition of 3.

Disco Edition (of 3)! This has it all! It glows in the dark (check it here), AND it's got that awesome fishnet pattern on the wings! WOW-WEE! On top of all that - the header art glows in the dark too!!!

Sleepy Owl edition (of 3) :-) These guys glow like mad! Here's the evidence. And again - the header art glows! YAY!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check the RAMPAGE Flickr Page for updates (on a very regular basis!). Ciao!


  1. WOW ! I love your Choco Chip Qee. Well done.

    Bob / Plaseebo

  2. Thanks Bob! I'm psyched on that guy as well! :-)