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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Show Re-Cap!

Greetings out there in Internet Land!

Well, it's been a bit of a crazy summer! It all started off with RAMPAGE TOYS participating in two summer art/craft shows - one in Port Townsend and one in Seattle! Many many hours of work went into preparing for these events, and I really hope anyone who made an appearance enjoyed what they saw! The shows were certainly a learning experience - I'm looking forward to doing it all better at some upcoming winter/holiday shows at the end of the year!

Now I'm moving my studio AND house! Well, the house isn't going anywhere - just all my stuff... So, expect more new things starting in September! I've got a bundle of vinyl lined up for customs, and I'm always plotting away on a resin project ;-)

One last thing - RESIN ART SHOW IN SEATTLE!!!! I'll be doing a resin show with another local artist - Justin Hillgrove of IMPS & MONSTERS!!!! Details to come soon, but for now I can tell you that it will open the first Friday of November (the 12th) and it will feature a collaborative resin toy from Justin and Myself, as well as both of our personal resin creations :-) YAY!

Enough jabber - here are some pictures from the summer shows and more :-)

Here I am - sitting at my booth at the Indie Banditas Bazaar - a bit of a slow day...

Yeah! RAMPAGE TOYS rocking the Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle!!! Thanks to all who stopped by to check out all my stuff!!!!

The LOVELY RAMPAGE TOYS assistant showing off some merch ;-)

Of course - some new stuff! These Glow in the dark owls were the lasst two pulls from my old mold... A new mold now exists and it's producing really really nice casts! I have one of these guys on hand - e-mail if you're interested (

Like all of the owls I'm making, these guys get their very own custom header cards! Screen printed and spray painted with a mod-style masking pattern! YEAH!

As always, thanks for checking in! More is on the way soon!!!! There's new stuff up on the RAMPAGE etsy page - CHECK IT OUT!

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