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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Shop Drop! 8/23/2018 - 12 NOON EST!

Hey Hey!

Will have a few choice items in the webshop tomorrow at Noon.  Feature drop is the RAMPAGE x CAST 'SPACE MICE!'  These Dudes are SUPER Saturday morning cartoon looking.

These figures feature RT x Splurrt Labmice heads, Copasquat bodies and RAMPAGE paint, and each also includes a 'familiar drone-bot' - which is the OG CAST figure's head conjoined with an RT mini tank (vaguely old school Rogue Trader inspired).

Figures will come in teleportation (plastic) tube with a smattering of buttons, stickers and other goodies as well.

I will also be loading up a few choice unpainted items that are just in from Tokyo.  A few Green Bear Battle Sets and GID micro sets (featuring the new micro Ugly Unicorn and the RT x Grumble Toy micros).

New items will go live at Noon EST tomorrow (8/23/2018).  Thanks for looking!  -RT

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