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Monday, February 8, 2016

NEW Ultra Kaiju!

Hey Kaiju Collectin' Peoples!

This Friday will see the release of three new colorways in the RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU SERIES!

These guys:

Role Call:

Jamira on Green Vinyl

Pigumon on Godzilla Blue (dark blue) Vinyl

Aboras on Orange Vinyl

Price will be $40 each, plus EMS shipping.

These will be available via a limited pre-order in my webshop beginning this coming Friday (2/11/2016) at 10AM Japan time.  Order will remain open until either all pieces are claimed (sold out) or for about a week.  Please note that this will not be an unlimited pre-order.  I already have the vinyl, but have ot been able to paint it yet.

Orders receieved will ship by early April.

The next figure in the series will be Woo.  The mold for Woo has had a delay in completion, so I hope to offer the figure for a normal (non-pre-order) release in April - both on-line at at Superfestival.  Once I receive a test shot of vinyl, I will share with you all!

Also coming up:  Yellow Red King and Orange Pigumon via Medicom (this Spring sometime).

Thanks for checking in. -RT

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