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Monday, February 29, 2016

New Stuff

Well, since I took the time to update the blog design, I may as well put some new content in here as well!

Thank you to all who grabbed something during last week's shop drop.  I will start shipping orders this week - completing shipping next week.

I was especially excited to be able to paint a batch of The Galaxy People's DREXYL figures!  What an awesome toy!

Speaking of The Galaxy People (Brian) - he and I will be facing off in the upcoming Clutter Gallery "Battlers" exhibition.  Pretty cool concept for a show - two makers team up - paint one figure each (in our case, we did 2!) - and they are sold as 'Battle Sets.'  Here's the event poster:

Lots of awesome makers/artists in this one.  Be sure to check it out if you can!

Lastly - for those of you who are (A) in Tokyo and (B) actually reading this - I will be at PUMP Craftt Beer Bar this Thursday evening with a bag of new toys for sale.  Impromptu Bar Drop!  I'll probably be over there between 8 and 9 PM on that day.  Not sure what all I'll have, but definitely a couple RAMPAGE x GEEK Atomic Congs (pics will be on Instagram soonish).

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  New sculpts and toys coming this Spring, so I'll start sharing progress soon!  Exciting collabs and dinos and stuff!

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