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Also check out the Tenacious Toys' webstore and One Up (toy shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) for some RAMPAGE goodies now and again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017



Bags will be offered to the RAMPAGE Mailing List Folks on Wednesday, 1/4/2017, in the AM.  Any bags remaining will be offered via the webshop on Saturday, 1/7/2017, in the AM (All EST Day and Times).

Here's the info!

MICRO LUCKY BAGS: $40 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These bags contain 3 fully painted mini and micro figures: 1 Robo Unicorn, 1 Tank Riding Unicorn and 1 Shaggy or My Little Unicorn.  Bags will also contain other goodies.

STANDARD 2017 RAMPAGE LUCKY BAGS: $275 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These Bags contain the full gambit of RAMPAGE Sofubi Goodnes (aside from the stuff featured in the Ugly Club bags).  Each bag contains 9 or 10 figures - including 1 Full Size (SHB Collab) figure and ranging down to Micro Size and Snack Pack figures.  The vast majority of these figures will be painted - including 1-offs, test shots, micro runs and collaborative releases (including some figures from TRU:TEK, Violence Toy, GRAVY TOYS (xRAMPAGE) and Science Patrols).  Extra goodies (and sometime extra figures) will be thrown in for sure!

PREMIUM 2017 RAMPAGE LUCKY BAGS: $500 (Plus USPS Shipping).  These Bags will contain all of the stuff (9-10 figures) that the STANDARD Bags contain, but will also include a Painted Lucky Bag Exclusive REVENGE BEAR - on GID Base Vinyl.  This figure will come with a painted Henan Omake.

So, that's the 2017 offerings!  Hopefully something for everyone this time around. 

Some things to note:

-One micro bag and one standard OR premium bag per person is the rule

-Bags will be made to order - completion and shipping by the end of January

-Some bags will contain new figures - some will feature the new GRINNING HAG X.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Time for a bit of merry making!  See you all in 2017!!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RAMPAGE KUDASAI! RT mini exhibition at GOMEN-KUDASAI noodle shop (New Paltz, NY)

Hey Hey!

Well, back from DCON, but no sleep for me!

I'm back at it in the paint studio - working through some customs and assorted runs of minis for a couple upcoming events!  Top of the list is my first truly LOCAL outing, in my new hometown - NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK!

I'll be setting up a display at a Japanese Noodle shop this time around.  The owners are Japanese ex-pats who are long time fans of Tokusatsu shows and movies!  Perfect match!  Here's the details - dates, times, location, etc.:

OPENING NIGHT: 12/9/2016 (Friday) - 6-9PM

SHOW DATES: 12/9/2016 - 1/10/2017 (display comes down on 1/11/2017 - GOMEN KUDASAI is closed that day)

LOCATION:  GOMEN-KUDASAI, 232 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561


I'll have a broad array of goods for this thing; older prints and paintings, a big display of posters and other RAMPAGE STUDIOS (Tokyo) memorabilia, NEW painted runs of RT micros, minis AND some larger customs and things of that sort.

To all you big kids in the Northeast, hope some of you can come out and play!  Get your Japanese food and toy fix, hang out, and even listen to some live tunes (seems the owner has a band playing the same night as well ^_^).

If you are coming in from out of town, there are plenty of options for places to stay here locally, or you could head over to BEACON, NY, and then check out the Artwalk and CLUTTER GALLERY opening on the next day - 12/10/2016!!!  I will also have some stuff over at CLUTTER :-)

Lastly - check out the event listing (right hand navigation bar) - I'm in a number of shows in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hey People!

Seems like just yesterday I was out in Pasadena with Justin Hillgrove for DCON 2015 - but a whole friggin year has gone by!  WOWZA!

This year I'll be back at it.  This time around I'll be at BOOTH 933 with my Buddy TRU:TEK (Nial Anderson).  We will be going halvsies on a table/booth - likely in a very 'Japanese Toy Festival Kinda Way' (no whistles and bells - just figures on the table!).

So, I've had my nose to the grindstone for the past couple weeks - trying to get stuff done enough to be worth the trip (for you guys and me!).  I think I've gotten together a decent bundle of goodies; big small and in between; painted blank and such.  I'm trying to do a few things for Sunday release, rather than just putting it all out from the start, but I might change the plan.  Best just to come on by and see what's there.

Some general guidelines for a fun trip to booth 933:

1) Price and perfunctory release plan is below.  

2) Sales by TRU:TEK will be handled separately from my own sales.  You will have to check with Niall about his sales, and you will have to check out separately if you are buying from both of us.

3) Cash sales get priority.  If you are in line, and you don't have cash, it might be possible to do Paypal later on - but not if there are folks waiting.  If there is a line, I won't hold items while you either get cash or wait to use Paypal later.  Cash is King!  (Note: any sales done at a time when I do accept Paypal payment will include an additional 5% fee).

4) I am not coming with a massive amount of goods.  Please respect that everyone might like to buy something.  Purchase limits will be as follows:

***Saturday:  Persons with normal badges may buy 2 large items and small items (one of each) to their liking.  Persons with vendor badges may only buy 1 large item and small items (one of each) to their liking.  Anybody wishing to buy additional items is asked to check back in a bit later; after the show is rolling along a bit, and everyone has had their chance.

***Sunday:  1 of each available item for anybody interested.

*****There will be no lottery or number draw or anything of that sort.  I'm bringing production work for interested collectors to buy.  If you are a flipper, well, you suck - but I'm not reacting to this call to police people's buying habits. If people are excited, and they come out to grab some of my work, and I can go home with less than I arrived with, I will be appreciative and happy to come back next year - end of story.

5) Please don't complain to me if you don't score what you are after.  Perhaps find someone with the figure and offer a trade - you know - be social and stuff!  (^_^)b


-Hawaii Revenge Kesagake (with Necromancer Omake): $300 each
-RAMPAGE x GEEK Skull Minotaur (these things are BIG and come with an AXE!): $300 each
-HAG DX (Final release run): $200 each
-Alien X (Micro run on bright pink vinyl): $200 each
-RAMPAGE x KONATSU Tank Cats (Micro Negora riding a tank!): $20 each
-RAMPAGE x Grumble Toy Tiny Tuff (with blue jeans attire!): $10 each
-DCON 2016 Colorway Ugly Unicorn: $40 each
-DCON 2016 Colorway Uglier Unicorn: $40 each
-DCON 2016 Colorway Ugly Onicorn (with holographic sticker and Konatsu designed header): $50 each

-Blank Red Revenge Kesagake (with 4 figure omake set): $300 each
-Blank Tiny Tuff Tank Riders (RT x GT): $10 each
-Blank Milky vinyl Uglier Unicorns: $30 each
-RAMPAGE paint RT x Gravy Morel Black: $60 each
-BRODAR FEST (maybe - TBD)
-Remaining Saturday Releases
-Maybe more: TBD

-There will be a release of RT paint Gargamel figures (1-offs - just 2) and Kiyoka Ikeda paint RAMPAGE figure - AT THE GARGAMEL BOOTH (909).  Day and Pricing TBD on Friday.  I'll post on Instagram with an update.

-I will be available throughout the con to discuss commission (paint) work.  I may be able to accept a few figures for completion in the coming months.

That should be all!  Looking forward to seeing you all out there!


Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hey People!

The RAMPAGE webshop will re-open tomorrow (Friday, 10/21/2016) at 10PM EST (New York Time).

NYCC leftovers as well as a few other items will be up at that time.

Still trying to figure out the best way to sort out shipping costs.  This USPS jazz is all new to me.  I'll have to talk to a couple other US based makers and see how they run that show.  In the meantime, your patience is super appreciated!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Here are a couple rad flyers put together by a couple rad cats:

Above By Walter Parenton!  IV4E!
<-- -="" aka="" bobbybeast="" boygraphics="" creative="" from="" genius="" iv="" p="" parenton="" walter="">

Above by TRU:TEK!
<-- anderson="" awesome="" engaland="" ever="" from="" iall="" ol="" p="" the="" tru:tek="">

So, below is a list of what I'll have there and pricing.  Items in the Tenacious Case (from Thursday Start time!) are sold via Benny of Tenacious Toys - and he takes dem plastic card thangies.  Items I will sell on Saturday will be cash and carry folks - I'm just getting back to the U.S.A. on Thursday night - no time to set up that card reader jazz.  In any case, all items will be sold at the TENACIOUS TOYS BOOTH - Booth # 309.  Here's the skinny:

Tenacious Toys Exclusives (Available from Thursday):

-ROTTEN X: $150 each
-Ugly Onicorn (Blue Devil Colorway): $45 each
-Clear Blue Cyclops Dinos (sets of 3): $40/set
-Asssorted painted micro dudes: $8-10 each
-Bunny Bear Sets (4 colors of clear vinyl in a baggy with header): $20/set

RAMPAGE-FES - SATURDAY!  10AM 'till 11:30AM  (They call it a 'signing' - but I doubt anyone wants a signature!):

-Hawaii Kesagake (with 2 omake tropical villlager snack pack): $220 each
-RAMPAGE x GRAVY mix-n-match FUN! (build your own set): $65/set
-RT x GRAVY x Science Patrol Tank Heads: $60 each (you'll see)
-GNAW X: $160 each
-Alien Hunter X: $160 each
-Bones Hag DX Micro Run: $250 each
-Fall colors WINTER NIBBLER: Painted $20 each, Blank $15 each
-FINAL Lab Mice Release (marbled vinyl blank set of 3 ugly little dudes): $40/set
-Clear glittery blue Snack Pack sets (2 villagers - kaibutsu snacks): $30/set (painted)
-T-shirts: $25 each

PLUS assorted SUFES stragglers and studio clean-out goodies and maybe a custom or two in the mix!  Surely I've forgotten something in these lists...

Some guidelines:  
#1) No purchasing two of any of the big guys - spread the fun people.  Number of items per person yet to be determined 
#2) Please don't be an ass or complain about not getting a toy or other stuff like that.  Please.  This should be fun, no?
#3) Gifts of pizza and beer are always appreciated
#4) Introduce yourself!  I'm moving to the area, and would love to meet you guys who are there!
Remaining items will go up in the online shop at a time TBD.  Patience young and old Padewans!

Psyched!  See you guys out there!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hey People!

Well, the time has come - January 2013 saw the beginning of something that has been an amazing experience in my life - the opening of RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  Since then the studio has hosted  so so many amazing events and so so so many amazing figure artists and designers.  It has been an honor to be involved in the Tokyo Figure and Sofubi scene the way I have, and it's with no regrets and loads of excitement about the future that I announce this weekend's last and final event at the studio:  THE RAMPAGE STUDIOS FINALE!!!

The show will feature RAMPAGE painted releases and 1-off handaints on RAMPAGE figures and figures from tons of people who I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. there will also be a RAMPAGE x GRUMBLE TOY mini exhibition and some Secretoy Handpaints. Collaborating artists and figures to be featured include:

RAMPAGE TOYS (that's me!)
Paul Kaiju
The Galaxy People
Grumble Toy
Bwana Spoons
Science Patrol
Violence Toy

Maybe a few secrets and other goodies if I can swing it!

Show will happen at RAMPAGE STUDIOS (address on side bar of the blog --->).  Opens at 7PM - at which time entrance for special invitation and limited ticket entrance will begin.

Ticket price (per person) is $20 - payable via Paypal only.

Tickets are available from now via email request.  Tickets will allow attendees entrance for a 30 minute period - time slots to be available starting at 7PM and ending at 9PM.  Show will close at 9:30(ish).  In order to request a ticket, please send an email to and include:

1) FULL NAME (ONLY the person purchasing the ticket may enter - bring photo ID)

2) A Photograph of your RAMPAGE TOYS collection (those with none need not apply)

I will accept emails until tomorrow (Thursday 9/22) morning, at which time any further emails will be discarded.  Not all requests will result in a ticket being available as they are very limited.  I will email you with info about payment once I check your email and tally the available slots remaining.

Complicated?  Yeah, a  bit.  This event is for collectors and fans - not for you flipper dummies and smelly ojisans - to whom I say: stay home with your anime girl pillows and cheap shochu.


これから RAMPAGE STUDIOS FINALE のチケット発売始まりです!


1)フールネーム (チケット買う方しか入れないよ!会場時にIDをチェックします)


メール貰いましたらんで、チケットまだ残りましたら、支払いの知らせをメールでおしえます~ PAYPALだけでいけるよ。

よろしく! -RT