Head over to the Tenacious Toys' webstore for RAMPAGE TOYS! Tenacious Toys is always hosting an assortment of RAMPAGE goodies - check it out!

Also check out the One Up (toy shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) for some wild and crazy customs from their monthly Pandemonium custom toy shows. I contribute most months.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Heya people.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I figure it was due time to do a little updatin' and to take the time to share some info about this coming Friday's releases in the ol' webshopper

So, to begin with, as there are oodles of events approaching, I'll be updating the 'upcomin events' section - of to your right there ---->  Hope to see some of you at Sufes, Nakano or Design Festa!

Now, for this coming Friday there will be a few things on offer, and, as per recently usual, a few surprises.  Here's the skinny:

1) RAMPAGE x SPLURRT Lab Mice - SQUEAKERS!!!  These dudes will come in the usual set of three figures (bagged with edition-stamped header card).  This time around I've got some crazy fun SUPER squishy "Ooze-it Green" or "Gunmetal Lame" figures (La-meh - not lame! - dark silver pigment with a touch of silver and gold glitter)  - each of which is equipped with a squeeky toy insert!  There will be the option for painted or blank sets - clocking in at $40/set either way.  Kind of running a pre-order on these, as I'd like people to choose how they want them.  Have a peek at my instagram for a squeeker video :-)

2) SKULL HEAD BUTT!  I received a box of handpaints from Akamatsu-san.  These will go up in the shop, clocking in around $100-200 each.  Some rad stuff in this box!

It's official!  For those of you who enjoy the Ugly Unicorn, and the other 'cute and ugly' sorts of guys that I produce, here is your chance to get the insider jump on future releases and club exclusive figures!  To start, spaces will be very limited, however, new enrollment will be opened again in the future.  There will be 2 levels of membership, and they'll look something like this:
Level 1:  Basic "Ugly Club" Membership.  $60 (plus shipping). Includes:
-Club initiation "Electric Boogaloo" Ugly Unicorn (pictured below).  This guy will come bagged with screen printed header card.
-Ugly Unicorn Sticker set (2 holographic stickers)
-Silk screened, numbered, signed and stamped Membership card.  This card will grant you dibs and discounts and maybe surprises when shown at future events!
-Enrollment in the "Ugly Club" mailing list - for exclusive releases, dibs on "ugly stuff" and other sorts of fun.
Level 2: Premier "Ugly Club" Subscription Membership. $250 (plus initial shipping cost).  Includes:
-All of the Basic Membership benefits (Initiation UU, Stickers, Membership card, Mailing list enrollment)
-ONE custom (one-of-a-kind) Ugly Unicorn (probably mailed later and separately from the initiation UU)
-3 club exclusive UU's of your choosing (choose any 3 from those offered via the Ugly Club mailing list - at no extra costs for shipping or otherwise).
Here's the "Electric Boogaloo" UU for this round of club enrolling awesome people:

Memberships will first be offered to members of the curent RAMPAGE mailing list, with any remaining spots offered via the webshop on Friday (4/10).  Delivery of the first round of initiation UU's will be sometime in May.

That's all she wrote!  Thanks again for checking in ^_^

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not Dead Yet!

Howdy Folks!

Yeah, well, blogging hasn't been at the top of my priority list for a bit now... oh well.

LOTS going on!  So far, this year, we've seen Superfestival come and go (thanks to all who came out), the 2015 RAMPAGE Lucky Bags sold out to the mailing list prior to public availability, RAMPAGE STUDIOS had a 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY show, and NOW it's almost time for Winter Wonderfestival!


This Wonfes, as in the past 2 years, I'll be at a booth with the whole Paralyzing Toys' crew:  Datadub, Shamrockarrow, Nerdone, Pop Soda and Refreshment Toy!  I'll be painting some PK figures for the Figlab portion of the table (these are going to be pretty!), doing a batch of NERDONE's Gorilla Tank Figure, releasing some tasty Kaibutsu Omake sets (sets of 2 villager Omake that usually accompany the Kesagage figure) and I'll be releasing a BRAND NEW figure in the RAMPAGE Ultra Kaiju Series:  ABORAS!

Aboras was featured along side Banila in Ultraman episode 19.  Banila isn't making an appearance in the series just yet, but that doesn't mean he won't :-P

Here's a shot from the paint studio today:

Also on offer will be a new painted version of my personal favorite Ultra Monster: JAMIRA!  This time around, I went for colors similar to my favorite B-club (Bullmark re-issue series) release:  metallic purple sprays on pinky-flesh vinyl.

It's uncertain if I'll manage another post here before the event, but keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram!  Ciao!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Next Sunday in Tokyo!  Be there!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I wish you all a fun and safe holiday season!  Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, GEE WHIZ - Happy Happy!  Seriously though - no matter what you celebrate, or even if you don't celebrate anything, warm wishes from RAMPAGE STUDIOS in Tokyo ^_^

Coming soon:  MEDICOM release of Kesagake:  "THE RAMPAGING POLAR BEAR!"  Lottery opens on the Medicom site on 12/24.

Next up will be Superfestival on 1/11/2015.  Updates about that and the 2015 RAMPAGE Lucky bags in another post - soonish!


Thursday, December 4, 2014


Starting at 7PM tonight at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  Also featuring some RAMPAGE paint on figures from Konatsu!

Online sales tomorrow - mailing list can expect first dibs via email, but only for a short time window.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brief Update

Hello All!

Ages since I ventured into the blog for an update.  Sorry 'bout that!

Recent times have been busy times!  Lots of new toys and events and all that good stuff.  Very importantly, I have FINALLY updated the mailing list, and have added some high-tech functionality so you can just sign up all willy nilly!  Check out the sign up form on the right hand side of the blog (-------> thataway), or on the RAMPAGE shop site!

Speaking of new stuff. here are some pictures:
 NEW CYCLOPS DINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!   3 new little guys - available in the shop now!

 My first ever ZINE!  "Cycloptic Prehistoria, Etc." is full of fun cyclops monsters from the past!

 Unicorn Tanks!  And Cars!  Lots of new Unicorn stuff ^_^
 PRE-ORDER Brown Bear (squishy brown vinyl) Kesagake sold out within a couple hours of release.  Next up is a release through MEDICOM TOY - coming up in December via the Medicom website.

SALARY UU!  RAMPAGE UU head on Skull Head Butt's suit body (originally for the They Live release).


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hey Folks,

Ok, not long now until NYCC opens up and we can all go nuts over the new and exciting stuff that is surely going to be there!  I've done my best to bring a load of goods to the table this year - most of which is en route to NYC via express mail as I write this.  Fingers crossed all arrives safe and sound!

I will be at booth #208 - sharing a spot with my good friend Niall Anderson (TRU:TEK and the casting mad scientist of The Disarticulators).  We are in the TENACIOUS TOYS Collective Space - all sorts of stuff in the space.  HUGE thanks to Benny, of Tenacious Toys, for the massive amount of legwork, and for getting this spot sorted for Niall and me!

So, yeah - I've gotten a lot of posts and emails asking about when and how much for the various releases I'll be doing.  Since I will only be able to accept cash, and I want interested collectors to know what they'll need to have on hand, please refer to the below list of releases (including dates and times where applicable), and please try to bring exact change if possible!  So - here's the final list (minus a few bits and bobs):

Thursday (Getting Started - open 12:00-19:00):

~The whole array of RAMPAGE goods (New clear pink vinyl!  UU: $25 each, Dino set (3 figures): $30/set, Micros: $5 each, Sister Mayo Micros: $5 each)
~NEW: Micro Unicorn Tank and UU set!  Bagged and header carded:  $25/set
~NEW: RAMPAGE x Makoto Hidaka Bunny-Bear-Fighter.  Painted green vinyl: $10 each
~RAMPAGE x UAMOU Comic Homage Bastards (Joker and Ghost Rider): $35 each
~RAMPAGE x SPLURRT painted lavender Lab Mice (with "Bikkuriman Style" holographic sticker): $50/set
~RAMPAGE x Yamomark Cosmegira.  Painted Pearl-grey vinyl: $100 each
~RAMPAGE x Skull Head Butt "Salary Ugly Unicorn" - limited release and start of limited pre-order: $80 each (pre-order will remain open through the weekend or until sold out - shipping @ end of November)
~Painted squishy Blue Ugly Unicorns at the KAIJU MONSTER booth (#406): $40 each

Friday (Heating Up!  Open 10:00-19:00):

~RAMPAGE x Skull Head Butt Collaborative releases!  Featuring:
1)RT x Triclops x Disarticulators x SHB:  ROTTEN X - a Killer Tomato homage! 
Head sculpted by Zectron based on a design by Triclops. 
Produced in Sofubi and painted by me.  $80 each
2)RT x Plaseebo x SHB:  GNAW X - an Admiral Ackbar homage. 
Head designed and sculpted by Bob Conge (Plaseebo). 
Produced in sofubi and painted by me.  Various doll eye inserts.  $100 each
~RAMPAGE x Cosmo Knight Alpha custom (one-off) Yusei ($400) and Moon ($450) figures.  Depending on demand, these might be Raffle sales - TBD on Friday.
~RAMPAGE x Cojica Toys Tyranbo.  Painted flesh vinyl. $90 each
~RAMPAGE x Konatsuya "Cream Corn Negora."  Painted light yellow vinyl.  $40 each
~An appearance by MUTANT VINYL HARDCORE!  Rich will be releasing a limited umber of beautifully painted Lab Mice sets.  $120/set.  Due to be packaged up all pretty in Rich's signature style.  Appearance time to be determined and posted on the table from opening time on Friday.

Saturday (Main Events!  Open 10:00-19:00):

~Limited release of the new RAMPAGE KAIBUTSUYA "Kesagake" in some seriously out-of-this-world awesome marbled viyl.  Clear vinyl with internal 4 color marbling.  Limited to 5.  $250 each.  Sale will be from 11Am.
~RAMPAGE x Leo Sofubi Bouya Guzo Kaiju blind bag LOTTERY!  A 50/50 mix of yellow vinyl (RAMPAGE paint) and green vinyl (Leo-san's paint) sold via ticketed lottery in the same way Leo runs all of his sales here in Japan.  Lottery at 12 noon.
~An appearance by SPLURRT!  Joe will be doing a release of one of his super popular figures, and there will also be the following available at this time (time TBD and will be posted on the table from opening time on Saturday):
-RAMPAGE 'factory paint' Cadaver Kid.  Full release on light blue vinyl.  $55 each
-RAMPAGE x The Galaxy People "Galaxy Squeekers - Lab Mice mash up customs" - $40 each
-Micro run of "Yellow Brain Mice" - $25 each
-Maybe some other fun stuff~
Sunday (Cool Down.  Open 10:00-17:00):
~Regular old sales of whatever is hanging around.
~There will be an asortment of one-off RAMPAGE painted figures available throughout the con.  Prices vary (ranging from $50 to $300).  Please have a peak in the glass case and on the table on occaision!  Who knows what will show up!
PLEASE NOTE!  As these items are all traveling to NYCC via mail or my suitcase, I cannot offer to hold items at the con for later shipping, etc.  Nor can I 'put aside' items for folks who might not be coming on a certain day for a certan release.  All purchases must be paid for and taken to their new homes.  Any online sales that follow will take place either immediately following the con or after I return home to Tokyo.  I will update this info in a "Post Con" blogpost.
Thanks for reading!  Looking forward to seeing some of you at NYCC!!!