Head over to the Tenacious Toys' webstore for RAMPAGE TOYS! Tenacious Toys is always hosting an assortment of RAMPAGE goodies - check it out!

Also check out the One Up (toy shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) for some wild and crazy customs from their monthly Pandemonium custom toy shows. I contribute most months.

Monday, February 8, 2016

NEW Ultra Kaiju!

Hey Kaiju Collectin' Peoples!

This Friday will see the release of three new colorways in the RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU SERIES!

These guys:

Role Call:

Jamira on Green Vinyl

Pigumon on Godzilla Blue (dark blue) Vinyl

Aboras on Orange Vinyl

Price will be $40 each, plus EMS shipping.

These will be available via a limited pre-order in my webshop beginning this coming Friday (2/11/2016) at 10AM Japan time.  Order will remain open until either all pieces are claimed (sold out) or for about a week.  Please note that this will not be an unlimited pre-order.  I already have the vinyl, but have ot been able to paint it yet.

Orders receieved will ship by early April.

The next figure in the series will be Woo.  The mold for Woo has had a delay in completion, so I hope to offer the figure for a normal (non-pre-order) release in April - both on-line at at Superfestival.  Once I receive a test shot of vinyl, I will share with you all!

Also coming up:  Yellow Red King and Orange Pigumon via Medicom (this Spring sometime).

Thanks for checking in. -RT

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Super Excited for this upcoming show (Opens next Friday - 1.29.2016) at FEWMANY in the Marui Annex Building in Shinjuku - TOKYO!

OODLES of goodies in store - for example:

-Custom Revenge Kesagake (as yet to be determined super ultra special versions!)
-Micro run of the OG Kesagake
-Tons of painted and Blank micros (and Gacha Gacha) - including UNICORN TANKS!
-Painted and blank Dinos - both the older dudes and newer ones!
-Asssorted ccustom-ness
-RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA Dai-Negora micro-run
-Asssorted other stuff


-All sorts of retrospective-esque header art, event posters and that sort of cool stuff to cover the space's walls!  Will feature art by Walter Parenton, Joseph Harmon, Justin Hillgrove, Art Junkie, and, of course - ME!

I'm going to try and be in the space in the evening on opening night - maybe with some stuff in hand.  I'll also be in on Saturday, 1.30, for a while - I think!  Details on when I'll be there will be shared via Instagram and Facebook.  If things sell out, I'll try and get more in, but WONFES is the weekend after this gig opens, so, um, yeah- I'll try!

See you there!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RAMPAGE TOYS' DCON BOOTH 918 - releases and information

It's almost time for my very first trip to Designer Con!  I will be sharing a corner booth (#918) with my good friend JUSTIN HILLGROVE (Imps and Monsters) and will be bringing A LOT of toys - all of which I'm very happy to have gotten done in time - and I hope you will all enjoy!

When looking for booth 918, keep your eyes peeled for this poster:

Justin did a stellar job on this thing - it features the painting that is also being used for the Kaibutsuya header card.  I will have a limited number of prints of this available along side the toy releases.
So - without further delay, here's the list of what will be at my table - followed by some IMPORTANT general guidelines for those of you coming to shop!
Revenge! Robo-Kesagake. Blank Black Playset (includes multiple omake and large print - in stamped canvas bag). First release. Edition of 10. $300
'Rotten DX' - RT x Triclops x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 10. $200
'Toxigon' - RAMPAGE x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 5. $350
'Alien Hunter X' - RT x MVH x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
'GNAW-X' - "Death Fetti Ver." RT x Plaseebo x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
'HAG DX' - RT x MVH. limited number of BLANK BLACK vinyl figures. $100
'Alien Hunter DX' - GID guts. RT x MVH. Small micro run. $200
'Sleeping Negora' - RAMPAGE x Konatsuya. RAMPAGE Painted white vinyl base. Edition of 19. $40
'RAMPAGE x CLICK CRACK Guts Ugly Unicorn.' Amazing fabric guts, by textile artist Click Crack,in clear Ugly Unicorns. $100
MAYBE - 'Uglier Unicorn' - micro run with cheapo silk screen t-shirt. New UU sculpt by SPLURRT! $50
'Soprano' - RAMPAGE x Cojica Toys. Yellow base vinyl with Tokyo colorway paints. Includes magnetic 'snack' omake. Edition of 10. $120
'Salary Diggler' - RAMPAGE x Splurrt x Skullheadbutt. RAMPAGE paint on mixed vinyl bases. 5 available. $150
Assorted Blank and painted micros (Gachapon Goblins, Tanks, Cabriolets, Unicorns, TOFU!, Galaxy People Racers). $5-$10 each.
BLOBPUS paint - Unicorn Tanks! $20 each.
Assorted 'Kaibutsu Snack Packs' - Painted -$40. Blank - $20.
Assorted blank Squeeky Toys! Labmice and Dinos. $10 each or 3 for $25.
A few one-off figures - prices vary. Available randomly throughout the con.
Other bits and bobs. Just come look!

Some guidelines for a fun and successful trip to the RAMPAGE booth:

-CASH SALES. I am traveling from Japan with my wares, and do not have a system for accepting credit cards. Please bring cash to cover the cost of the items you are hoping to purchase.
-No lotteries or scheduled 'timed releases.' On Saturday I will allow the purchase of two 'large' figures per person, and there will be no limit on the small stuff (mini/micro sized, etc.). I will stamp hands to keep track. Durring the final hour of Saturday and all day Sunday there will be no limits on sales. If you wish to buy more figures than you are initially able to on Saturday, please come back during the open sales times.
-Please be patient and wait in line if there is a line. I have a lot of stuff - you will all get something good! Be nice to each other!
-Last, but not least - if you are trying to buy my stuff for the purpose of re-selling it (known widely as 'flipping' or commonly as 'being a total douchebag'), please walk in front of a truck on your way to the event! Thanks much!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Trip to the Mold Maker!

In a quasi throw-back to a few years ago - when I was big into sharing information about the sofubi making process - here's a little info about one of the mold makers I use. 

I was out here yesterday, meeting about a new figure that I'm hoping to have ready for DCON!  These guys just had a new facility built, as their old one was a bit too big, old, messy and outdated (read: super dangerous in the case of a big earthquake!). 

First order of business was chatting about this new toy - getting the details of how to mold it (with some other stuff), and talking about timing.  The new figure is something I'm SUPER excited about - namely, a new version of the UGLY UNICORN!  I'm calling this guy the Uglier Unicorn - here he is:

In case you can't tell from the pictures, this new version is actually sculpted by SPLURRT!  I'd been talking to SPLURRT (Joe Merrill) for a little while about having him do his take on my character, and the timing worked out this year!  This lilttle guy is smaller, more textured, more detailed, more angry and more ugly!  I'm psyched on the 'Fink-esque' vibe he's got going, and the clenched fists make him much more menacing for sure!  He'll measure up around 3 inches once he's alive in sofubi, so he'll be a good pocket companion ^_^

SO - that's mega exciting!  Hope you all dig him!  I'm looking forward to painting him up!

After we got all that stuff talked out, I was lucky enough to get a little tour of the mold makers' new facility.  The place is LOADED with the types of machines you would expect to see in an old black and white film (think: Frankenstein).  Virtually everything here is done by hand - aside from the actual copper coating of the wax prototypes.  Here's what that looks like:

In the above pic you can see assorted wax prototypes submerged in a blue conductive liquid (I didn't ask about the composition of the liquid - lots of copper in there).  The wax sits in here for some predetermined amount of time until the copper accumulates to the proper thickness - coating the wax proto and creating the base part of the metal mold used to cast sofubi.  Pretty wild!

Once the copper is set to be removed from this 'bath,' the wax prototype is melted out and the molded copper is attached to a strong metal frame.  A completed mold looks like this (these are the molds for Kesagake):

The parts in the middle of the molds are the actual forms that the vinyl is pulled from.  The framework around those parts is made by hand by one guy sitting at this table (sorry for the blurry pic!):

Pretty damn amazing. 

So, that's all - just a quick hit to share a fun experience with you all!  Ciao!   -jon

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hey All!
The webshop will re-open this Thursday at 10 AM Japan time.  That's October 1st - FYI.
Lots of good stuff - I think!  Customs, mini-sofubi and these:

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Heya people.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I figure it was due time to do a little updatin' and to take the time to share some info about this coming Friday's releases in the ol' webshopper

So, to begin with, as there are oodles of events approaching, I'll be updating the 'upcomin events' section - of to your right there ---->  Hope to see some of you at Sufes, Nakano or Design Festa!

Now, for this coming Friday there will be a few things on offer, and, as per recently usual, a few surprises.  Here's the skinny:

1) RAMPAGE x SPLURRT Lab Mice - SQUEAKERS!!!  These dudes will come in the usual set of three figures (bagged with edition-stamped header card).  This time around I've got some crazy fun SUPER squishy "Ooze-it Green" or "Gunmetal Lame" figures (La-meh - not lame! - dark silver pigment with a touch of silver and gold glitter)  - each of which is equipped with a squeeky toy insert!  There will be the option for painted or blank sets - clocking in at $40/set either way.  Kind of running a pre-order on these, as I'd like people to choose how they want them.  Have a peek at my instagram for a squeeker video :-)

2) SKULL HEAD BUTT!  I received a box of handpaints from Akamatsu-san.  These will go up in the shop, clocking in around $100-200 each.  Some rad stuff in this box!

It's official!  For those of you who enjoy the Ugly Unicorn, and the other 'cute and ugly' sorts of guys that I produce, here is your chance to get the insider jump on future releases and club exclusive figures!  To start, spaces will be very limited, however, new enrollment will be opened again in the future.  There will be 2 levels of membership, and they'll look something like this:
Level 1:  Basic "Ugly Club" Membership.  $60 (plus shipping). Includes:
-Club initiation "Electric Boogaloo" Ugly Unicorn (pictured below).  This guy will come bagged with screen printed header card.
-Ugly Unicorn Sticker set (2 holographic stickers)
-Silk screened, numbered, signed and stamped Membership card.  This card will grant you dibs and discounts and maybe surprises when shown at future events!
-Enrollment in the "Ugly Club" mailing list - for exclusive releases, dibs on "ugly stuff" and other sorts of fun.
Level 2: Premier "Ugly Club" Subscription Membership. $250 (plus initial shipping cost).  Includes:
-All of the Basic Membership benefits (Initiation UU, Stickers, Membership card, Mailing list enrollment)
-ONE custom (one-of-a-kind) Ugly Unicorn (probably mailed later and separately from the initiation UU)
-3 club exclusive UU's of your choosing (choose any 3 from those offered via the Ugly Club mailing list - at no extra costs for shipping or otherwise).
Here's the "Electric Boogaloo" UU for this round of club enrolling awesome people:

Memberships will first be offered to members of the curent RAMPAGE mailing list, with any remaining spots offered via the webshop on Friday (4/10).  Delivery of the first round of initiation UU's will be sometime in May.

That's all she wrote!  Thanks again for checking in ^_^