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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New York Comic Con!

It's that time of year again - Fall Show season!

Superfestival has passed - it was awesome.


This year I'll have stuff at two locations.  First off, my always solid ground at NYCC - Tenacious Toys!  Tenacious has been showing my stuff at the con since 2010, since the day when he had 2 detolf cases and one little table, and it's always my pleasure to be part of his booth.  This year, Tenacious has organized a MEGA booth - an entire BLOCK of the Cultyard - but my stuff will stay at home in the core, at spot #208.  Tenacious Toys is run by the one and only Benny Kline - he's a gem of a dude, and I HIGHLY recommend to all attending that they stop by and say hi (both personally and from ME!).  Of course, there are also the toys!  Here's SOME of what I sent over:

"Wizard Crystal Turquoise UU" - blank and painted (internal and external paint) - 5 of each

"Spectral Manotaur"- RAMPAGE x Imps & Monsters - Blank and painted (very few blanks, and 5 painted figures)
Bagged and Header carded figures - line art by the most excellent Joseph Harmon, colored by my oh so non technical self.  Take note - the pictured micros (UU's and Unicorns) will also be at Tenacious Toys Booth - # 208

Next up - I've sent over a nice sized HORDE of Gachapon Goblins (Wizard Crystal sets, and some other cool stuff) to Joseph Harmon, who will be exhibiting in booth 204, along with Bwana Spoons and some other cool cats.  If you haven't had the chance to check out the Gachapon Goblins yet (and very few outside of Japan have yet), here's you chance to see them, hold them and buy them!

Sweet header card art by Walter Parenton - known world wide for his Bobby Beast Instagram comic series, and other awesomeness as well!
Lastly, and certainly not leastly (yeah - that's not a word) - SPLURRT!  Huh?  Wha'?  Yeah - once again, I've had the wonderful opportunity to paint up some of Splurrt's killer sofubi figures.  Did two Digglers and Two Cadaver Kids (OG!), and Joe (Splurrt) will have the lot (and much more of his stuff) for sale at the Monster Island table (booth #504) on Saturday at 12 (noon).  Check 'em out!

So, there was one other project - but I can't say anything about it!  How's that for a story?!? :-P
Anywho, if you are at NYCC, enjoy!  Buy lots of toys!  Take lots of pictures!  YAY!  And if you AREN'T at NYCC, well - I dunno - check my webshop.  Might drop something in there - who knows!

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