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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey Hey!

Halloween is coming - Yay!

As in the past couple years, Halloween time is new toy time in the RAMPAGE TOYS  shop!  This year is a bit nuts - with a show at RAMPAGE STUDIOS just past (still some of those goodies in the shop), a gallery show in Shinjuku opening this Friday AND Design Festa this weekend (crazy!), but I've still gotten together what I think is a great selection of new toys for the webshoppers out there!  I'll be releasing this bundle of goodies into the wild at 12 midnight - today - October 30th - in the shop - -  Here's what will be available:
1) Orange and Black MARBLED vinyl Ugly Unicorns!  $30 a piece - and I'll paint eyes and mouths (in colors of your choosing) if you so desire.
2) X-ray Kowaillas!  Collab with Hints and Spices - his creepy and cute Kowailla sofubi gets the internal x-ray-insert-treatment!  Various versions - all $25 each.
3) "Splatterhouse Kyuuketsushi" - GID vinyl!  A collab with the omnipotent Velocitron!   $30 each.

4) "Tricks and Treats" Bobby and Harry!  A small handpaint edition of the Bobbybeast characters "Bobby" and "Harry."  These will have some fun little packaging additions thatnks to Walter Parenton (Bobbybeast mad scientist and designer dude). $25 per set of 2 painted micros.

Aside from that, with Design Festa coming up - Look Sharp! - bundles of new stuff!  Dinos, collabs, UU's, and micros :-) 

If you are in Japan, come hang out with me, Pop Soda and Refreshment Toy  - this weekend at Design Festa - Booth C-323  at the Tokyo Big Site!!!!  Gachapon Goblins will be in attendance in the Gachapon machine - with a new surprise color!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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