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Monday, September 16, 2013

Pollen Kaiser

So... Toy Art Gallery (TAG) recently had this little shindig at their LA shop.  Loads of folks (a wide range of customizers and figure makers and such) did customs on Paul Kaiju's biggest figure (for chris'sake - don'call it a 'platform'!) - the Pollen Kaiser.  I was glad to be invited to take part - very fun figure to paint.  However - I've been so busy swimming and playing with keshi that I barely took the time to really share any information about this thing!  HAH!

So - here it is ( pics only).  GID vinyl base and Sofvi and FOK FTW!


You can see a 'full frontal' look at this dude over on Spanky Stokes's (is that one too many "s's"?) Instagram feed, here:
Thanks to PK for making a cool figure and to TAG for sending one over to paint!  Having the GID base to work with was a super bonus - but It was hard to get started on as I REALLY wanted a new night light!
No word on if this guy sold yet, but I'll update ASAP if I know it's still hanging out at TAG.
Another post will be up ASAP - featuring a review of the recent NNWA event here at RAMPAGE STUDIOS - AND and interview with NAMA NIKU that will blow the minds of all you keshi fans and yudeki!
Thanks for having a peek at the Blog!

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