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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NNWA - THIS Friday!

After an amazing summer, filled with all manner of watersports and tomfoolery, it's time to get serious again. 


This Friday sees the opening of the highly anticipated Nama Niku Wrestling Association (NNWA) Event!

This one will be a doozy - featuring exclusive handmade keshi from a bunch of the best guys out there, including: Nama Niku, Trutek, Eric Nilla and Mokyukeshi.  Many of the figures in the show feature the sculpting talent of Ironhaus and the Might Zectron - truly talented dudes!
The show will take place at RAMPAGE STUDIOS (address in the right hand nav bar, over yonder -->), with the opening Party happening this Friday (9/6/2013), starting at 7PM (and on into the night I imagine) and open times on Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 4PM.  Sales start on opening night, with any remaining stuffs hitting the online shop afterwards.
Here's a look at some of the goodies that have been showing up.  It's like CHRISTMAS opening the boxes when the express delivery man shows up!
New Nama Niku Figures!  The Deka will be display only.

New Eric Nilla Figures! 

The new DEATHMATCH figure from Nama Niku.

ULTIMATE Beardfist!  Trutek has used a brand new material for this guy - SUPER high quality rubber that is UV resistant,

New Ironhaus x Trutek HORDE  - wave 2!

 And - Here's Nama Niku:
And here's me at RAMPAGE STUDIOS (pic by Nama Niku)

Painting Today!

Thanks to Trutek and Nama Niku for the pics!

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