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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Post on Double Post Day!

This is breaking news stuff, so I think it deserves its own post :-P

NEW TOYS are coming this Friday in zee shoppe!!! I'll be finally be releasing a new run of Uncorns for web consumption, and then I also have a nice little micro-run collab that will join the party.

First, the Unicorns: "Dark Side of the Ugly" Rainbow GID!

Dark Side of the Ugly!

Glow Glow Glow!

This painted version will be released this Friday on a pre-order basis - along with blank GID unicorns. The painteds are limited to 1 per person and the run is limited to a max of 20 painted figures. Blanks are wide open, and everyone is welcome to order as many as they like :-) Hopefully this will result in a number of people grabbing one (or more) to paint! Let's see those handpaints!

Painted and blanks will go up for sale Friday night (here in Japan) - so they should be there in the shop when people are getting up on Friday morning in the States. The pre-order stays up for one week - until 2/10.

Second up (but no less fun!) - a little collaboration with my friend Aya from Refreshment Toys! When I was in Osaka a few weeks ago, Aya gave me 10 of he mini-cuppy figures. I painted them, sent half to her, and half (5) will be in the shop this friday

A whole BUNDLE of spray, stencil and gouache on these oh-so-cute little cupcake dudes!


That'll do for now! Next week: Waniphants!!!

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