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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here it is! A little more info on the MANOTAUR from Imps and Monster and RAMPAGE TOYS. Actual - this is quite a bit of info, and SUUUUPER exciting! Can't wait for March - for sooooo man reasons (just check out the Events list to the right!). Anyway - MAN-O-TAAAAAAAUUUURRRRR!!!!! Here's the Wax.

Manotaur WAX!

This is 8 inches of full-sized sofubi monster action! He's at the factory having a little run-in with some copper electroplating machinery :-P

Release is slated for Emerald City Comic-Con - March 29th in Seattle - we thinks... Fingers crossed for smooth sailing, and maybe even a few RAMPAGE handpaints to accompany the initial release of blanks.

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