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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post-Sufes 58

To all who followed on twitter and instagram - and especially to all who attended Superfestival 58 - THANK YOU! The event was a great success for RAMPAGE TOYS, and I believe it was one of the most well attended and altogether successful SF's in a while! Indy Sofubi IS NOT DEAD, and people in Japan seem to be gaining more and more interest in the creations of Japanese and non-Japanese Indy sofubi makers alike. This show made me really excited for 2012 - I'm already looking forward to the next Sufes in April!

below are a few shots of the RAMPAGE TOYS table, and some other stuff. There are bundles of pictures on my Flickr as well as a VERY VERY in depth report of the event over on my Buddy Andy's Blog (Kaiju Korner). Andy did such a thorough job of covering the event - it would be silly for me to attempt to do the same! Here are some of my pics:

"Zee Rampage Booss"
Ilanena-san with some vintage Starwars awesomeness (in front of his table)
Some Card-Monster and Ugly Unicorn Comradery

Ilanena Custom UU's! A taste of the (maybe near, maybe distant) future!

All of the remaining items from the show (Ugly Unicorns, Collab stuff, etc.), will be in the shop tomorrow, January 11th - early morning time in America - late night time in Japan ;-)

Here's the shop:

Next up - more Kikkake Elephants and Bears, and then some REALLY exciting stuff! Who likes things that glow in the dark - I DO!

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