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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cute Attack!

Hey there all you super keen people ;-)
Wow! So much going on now - I do't know where to start. How about with this Friday's release in zee shoppe!
For Superfestival I painted up a run of Kikkake's cute little Bears (Kuma-chan). They all departed for new homes at the event! However, at Sufes I also recieved more bears and more elephants from Kikkake, and I set to work on them over the past week. So, this Friday will see a nice sized drop of painted and blank Zou-chan (elephants) and Kuma-chan (bears)!
Here's what will be up in the shop this Friday:
"Starburst Clan Zou-chan" - run of 10 - lots of sprays and details on turquoise vinyl
"Strawberry Ears Kuma-chan" - made to order. I only have 10 bears, so I'm offering the choice of one painted OR one blank figure

Here's what the blank little guys look like ^_^

These will all appear sometime in the morning hours (US time) this Friday (1/20/2012). I have yet ANOTHER release panned for next week, and the week after that! Teasers coming soon ;)

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