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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NYCC - Why are you so far away?...

Yeah, all whining aside, NYCC should be ROCKIN' this year! Folks like Paul Kaiju, MVH, Plaseebo, Skinner, Lulubell Toys, Tenacious Toys and many many more are all bringing in some AMAZING stuff! Really, it's good I can't go - I'll save a ton of money ^_^

Anyway, the Ugly Unicorn will be there, and he'll also make a rather stout appearance in the RAMPAGE TOYS BigCartel site! I'll be dropping, a micro-run, some customs and some paintings (and a few other choice this and thats) on Thursday (10/13) at ~8PM EST (basically - when I wake up here in Japan on 10/14)!!!!! So, set an alarm, and hit the shop tomorrow evenening for a mini "Rampage-NYCC" release! Here are some pics:

The shop is HERE

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